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I dont get the ending of the dark knight. Can you explain to me what happens after two face harvey dent dies?

What happens at the end of the dark knight? I saw it but don'tt understand it. What understand it. Why did batman say he killed all those people and why did he run away? Please explain to me everything that happened in the movie after two face died.

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    Batman takes the blame because if anyone found out about what Harvey did, all the people he put in prison and jail would be freed based the legal justice system. Simply put, Batman has to take the blame else everything would be undone... the streets would be running with criminals just like the Joker, chaos and mehham. To stop that from happening, Batman is thus a fugitive and must run from the cops because he did take the blame. Batman also must continue to free the streets from people out there still like the Riddler and the Penguin... Mr. Freeze... Poison Ivy... Catwoman he must protect the town from these until Batman is no longer needed... or until Bruce no longer needs Batman. Everything they worked for must survive and last so that Gotham is criminaless... which is impossible.

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    Harvey Dents personality died in the hospital , Gothams golden boy had turned corrupt due to the twisted fate the Joker served on his plate. Several people in the force were paid to help aid in the fate of high society members, police, and Harveys future wife. Thus driving Harvey over the edge and changing his grasp of reality. The Joker thought he could drive the insanity and kayos out of people in Gathom causing there spirit to break. The golden boy was given a proper funeral, dieing a hero. Batman returned the favor and took the fall for Two Face,Harvey could not become a felon or everyone he put behind bars would be released. Two faces coin landed on heads, he is alive but his fate lies in the sequel. In the issue of comic books he was put with the joker in a asylum. Batman knew this was his last mission thats why he told Lucious Fox"type in your name" when you are done using this program. WHEN THE PROGRAM WAS DELETED EVERYTHING SHUT DOWN.The lights were on motion sensors when the program shut down all the lights went of immediately. The finger print of a bullet is a "bust". In forensic science just smearing a finger print would alter how correct the results would be. So sending a bullet through a wall and altering its physical characteristics(causing scrapes and scurfs) and the ability to recover vital data would be impossible. If something like a strand of hair was recovered a chemical anaylnses could be done to confirm the dna.

  • Batman wants the town to stop needing him but until they have a new hero that wont happen. then dent comes along and he can save the city while not wearing a mask. the people of gotham love hm and start to idelize him. then he goes crazy, killes some cops hen dies. if people ever found out about it they would never trust politians again and relly on batman to solve there problems so he takes the blame so dent can keep his image. the cops sent dogs after him because they think he killed the cops and gordon destroies the bat sign bceause he can nolonger ask for his help publicly. batman does all of this because he realizes that dent is a better hero for gotham so he sacrifices himself for the good of the city.

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    Batman said that he was the one that killed everyone so that harvey dent died honorably because Batman admired harvey because he was a hero with a face unlike himself and the movie finishes with it showing Harvey being honored by the whole police force, I thought it was a really bad ending.

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    harvey dent was supposed to be the "light" of the city because he puts the bad people away and doesn't care about what happenes to him. no one knew who killed the people who two face killed and because they dont want the public to think that their "savior" harvey dent killed them. batman takes the blame and runs away.

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    lol same. I dont get the endings to any of them

  • ah! you spoiled it for me!

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