Amino Acid sequence for pentapeptide?

acid hydrolysis of 1 mmol of hypothetical yields 2 mmol of glutamic acid and 1 mmol of lysine and quantitatve recovery of no other amino acid.treatment of pentapeptide with chymotrypsin yields 2 dipeptides and free glutamic acid.give an amino acid sequence for the pentapeptide that is consistent
Update: for trypsin it says that trypsin splits the pentapeptide in to two fragments.upon electrophoresis at pH 7.0 one of the tryptic fragments moves toward anode and other towards cathode.treatment of one of the fragments with DNFB followed by acid hydrolysis yields DNP-glutamic acid.
Update 2: In question I mentioned quantitative recovery of no other amino acid.I think in this sequence we should have tryptophan since chymotrypsin cleaves at tryptophan and tryptophan is destroyed after hydrolysis....i don't know what the sequence could be we can consider this fact..
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