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Barack Obama is for protecting Net Neutrality. Is John McCain? I've seen no comments from him on the subject.?

If McCain even knows what the Internet is. And for those who do not know Network Neutrality is about protecting the high speed internet services like Comcast, AT&T, Sprint and others from putting a heavy tax on websites to use high speed access for users. These companies are threating to take away Net Neutrality and Republicans have been Mum on this. If Network Neutrality is gone new web sites and current ones may not exist. Obama has come out and openly supported protecting the Internet.


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    This is a very interesting question. Some are saying that other issues are more important however I'd like to see how they felt if the vast amount of information obtained from the Internet ceased to exist or even decreased in volume for that matter. I would venture to say that McCain probably does not care much about the issue considering he can barely use a computer. Additionally this just goes to show you the Republican put on when it comes to maybe they won't raise your income taxes but they definitely won't stop their big business from taxing consumers out the wazoo. This actually gives me one more reason to vote for Obama...thanks!

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    Except for the companies looking to profit from higher prices, who DOESN'T support cheap access to the Internet? That was hardly a courageous stance on Obama's part.

    Only stupid children, in their ignorance, labor under the delusion that older people don't know what the Internet is or how to use it, or what Net Neutrality is. Maybe when you get your first REAL job you'll actually get to know some of these people.

    But it amazes me how you would insult older Internet users (like me). You need allies if you want the strongest possible message sent. I suspect the market is gonna decide this one. But older people still vote in LARGE NUMBERS, and to alienate them with your ageist remarks is a losing strategy.

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    it truly is beside the point what a President thinks approximately internet neutrality. it truly is Congress that makes the guidelines, the President basically signs and indicators or veto's them. it truly is greater considerable to place rigidity on your consultant in Congress.

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    1, Obama "is for" anything he thinks will help him get elected.

    After all, you Obama lovers are the very same people that was gullible enough to vote in a utterly useless LibDem congress whose approval ratings were just in single digit territory. Pretty much the worst in American history. All they had to do was make empty promises, and you guy's responded like Pavlov's dog.

    This has obviously not gone unnoticed by Obamas handlers.

    #2, Internet neutrality is a pretty low priority in the big scheme of things right now.

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    Net neutrality???? What a joke, the liberals, which include Oblama, and Pelosi and Reed and the other liberal jokes in office want the government to control net content, and they also want to tax it to death.

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    I wonder if he really wants to save it since he has turned it into his own personal cash cow by duping people and having businesses use the Net to support him so they can get around the Funding laws.

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    McCain is probably getting campaign contributions from the telecommunication industry not to discuss it.

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    He probably doesn't even know about it, as you have already pointed out. The man doesn't know how to use a computer let alone the internet.

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    What? John McCain is going to take away my Japanese Porn and instantaneous Fantasy Football stats?

    Holy crap....the man is the devil incarnate.

    Next thing you know, he'll be vetoing bills designed to protect the living fetuses of botched abortions.

    Wait...sorry...that position has already been filled.

    Next non-starter, please.

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    If there's any way to stick it to the consumer, the Republican will be all for it.

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