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is it possible to clean rust off of a sweet iron bit?

I have a sweet iron copper roller dr bristol for my horse and it has gone rusty on the sweetiron part of the bit. Is it possible to clean the rust off?

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    Use steel wool pads to remove rust. Do not use rust cleaners as they can be harmful to horses if not rinsed off well enough. You could also try vinegar, though if it's very rusty, it wont work that well.

    As a correction to some of the answers, rust CAN be harmful to horses. If you can't get the rust off, get a new bit. The rust can sit in their digestive track. It could also infect any sore on/in their mouth.

  • Greg B
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    1 decade ago

    It was my understanding that sweet iron bits were supposed to rust and that is was the rust flavor that the horses liked and that helped them to mouth the bit and become soft in the mouth.

  • PRS
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    if the bit is heavily rusted then you can scrub it up with a fine sand paper or nylon scrub cloth. If it is just light rust it is fine to use as is. It will always rust a little because that is what it is supposed to do.

  • Amy S
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    The bit is actually designed to rust. The horses like the taste of it

    You could try a steel wool pad to get some of it off. They also make special scrubbers for bits designed to shine them up, but the name is currently escaping me . . .

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    Yep, I did, mine was sitting around for a while and when I did, I took fine grit sand-paper and scrubbed it came off okay...but it did take most of the nice coating little guy doesnt mind tho!

  • Anonymous
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    believe it or not one of the great things for getting rust off stuff is very soured goats milk!!!!


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    Yes i think x

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