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Britain's Olympics in 2012. How can it be any better than Chinas.?

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    Not a chance but expect them to make British proud.

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    It will be better because for one thing, it will be FREE, in the sense that Britain is a constitutional democratic monarchy, unlike China, which is a totalitarian dictatorship and a Third World country. There will be no restrictions on news reporting, and minimal restrictions on protesters, although I would imagine that security around the venues will be rather tight. London also does not have anywhere near the pollution issues that Beijing did, and on top of that, Britain also has a mild summer climate and is free of hazards such as typhoons. Another thing which they won't have to worry about is trying to find places to hold certain events, such as the equestrian portion of the Games, for example. Because riding and horse sports are national past times in Britain, most of the needed facilities for the Olympic sports are already in place- they just need to be spruced up a bit. Ditto for things like soccer, which the British are crazy about, and other sports, such as track and field. In China, all these venues had to be built, and the Chinese were forced to push the horse sports to Hong Kong because there were no facilities to hold them in on the mainland. There also was a constant threat of disease exposure, both in Beijing and in Hong Kong. China is the home of the avian flu- and a couple of days before the games started, a couple of wild birds were found lying dead outside one of the venues in Hong Kong. They were tested for the flu, and apparently they were negative- but it was a scare nonetheless, and one which did no favors for the Chinese. This kind of thing won't happen in 2012, not in a place like Britain, which has one of the best health care systems in all of Europe, if not in the entire world. Lastly, Britain is much easier to get to than Beijing was, and it's going to be possible for NBC to televise many if not most of the major events live, which was impossible this year because of the time differences. They will also be able to partner up with the BBC if they want, and get good video coverage and feeds that way.

    The facilities in Britain are also first rate, and the British are friendly and open, for the most part. London has hosted the Games before- in 1948, right after the second World War, when so much of their country was still in ruins from the Nazi blitzkriegs. If they can come back less than 3 years after the end of a devastating war and host the Olympics, then these new games should be better than ever. I look forward with pleasure to the next Olympics- I think they will be much better than this years' Olympics were.

    Source(s): Horse owner, horse professional turned medical coder, and I follow all the Olympic horse sports.
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    Dun think so. The chinese care a lot for this olympics, dun think the brits can come close to even matching the enthusiasm of the chinese. Plus, made in britain costs a lot more than made in china, so for the same amt of $$, u get less, and even less so with london;s smaller budget.

    That said, who knows what london has up her sleeves. I look forward to 2012 :)

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    Are the Brits and future Olympic hosts willing to spend over $40 Billion USD? That's the main question...

    The Peking Olympics were China's party to the world. Like a person who recently won the lottery, having a lavish party to show their friends how much money they have and willing to spend.

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    Word on the street is that despite all the smoke and mirrors in Beijing, the athletes themselves, while made to feel incredibly welcomed and comfy by their Chinese hosts they themselves felt the party vibe was missing for the athletes... So who better than the Brits to get the party started, I ask you!?

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    Cuz ill be there !! *wooooop*

    and after our amaaaazng performance at the beijing olympics, its gonna inspire soooo many people across the country to volunteer nd stuff. im sure the whole country can pull together to give the world one of the best olympics theyve ever seen. (and give them a real ***-kicking :D)

  • i have no idea there is no way to tell i think the opening ceremony to London 2012 games should have more fireworks and the sound of the big ben clock ringing

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    They'll have to try something very different. If they try something similar to China's, it'll be a complete disaster. I must say their little show with led zeppelin and the long legged beauty was quite disappointing.

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    we have nothing to hide. we dont need to put on a false front. we dont need to spend billions to prove ourselves. we should bring the games into perspective. show the world that its the games and the competitors thats important. not whos got the flashiest lights.

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    can look at world map and then compare Britain to China, Beijing to London, just for laugh hahaha!!!!!!!!!

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