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In Father Ted why is "the money just resting in my account" ?

Whats that all about?


or he was going to move it on after he got intrest on it lol

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    oh that!!

    Luv it!!

    I was just a little on-going joke that would come up whenever subjects like honesty wrer discussed. Especially between ted & Dougal!

    I love father ted!

    Even though i'v seen it like a million times, it still makes me laugh out loud!

    Dougal is my fave !!!!

    such a shame dermot morgan died, he was so funny, talented and adorable!

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    Father Ted Crilly (Dermot Morgan) is the most normal of the priests on the island, although he still finds himself in very confusing situations. He is a bon vivant, exiled to Craggy Island for something referred to only as "that Lourdes thing." - an apparent misappropriation of church funds which had been intended to fund a poor child's education at Lourdes, which Ted allegedly spent as part of a Las Vegas gambling spree. Ted's defense has always been that the money was "just resting in my account."

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    Ted was sent to craggy island (an undesirable location for a priest) as a punishment for stealing money from the church , when questioned about it he always says the money was "only resting in my account" in other words he was going to move it to the churches bank account later on (he wasn't stealing it)

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    I paid about $70 for it here in the US, I have already gotten about a million dollars worth of laughs out of it. It's one of my favorite box sets that I own. I think you should become more familiar with the series before you decide to spend that much money on it. I've seen 2 or 3 episodes before I bought the set, I wasn't disappointed.

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    He was laundering money.

    You know how big business keep hold of your money for a few days, well they scoop off the interest. Thieving b@stards.

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    Meaning he didn't really steal it.

    The best TV comedy series by far.

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