Girls playing on a guys high school football team ?

How do people feel about that...AND not only are they playing with a bunch of men but my high school is the ONLY high school in the district that allows girls to play for them ! isn't that kinda crazy. ?

Cause in games they'd be the only girls on the field! on top of that our school team kinda sux cause the coaches are worried about working the girls too hard ! Like C'mon.!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I was the only girl on my high schools hockey team. They gave me no special treatment and i had to try out and work just as hard as the boys.Thats the way it should be. If there was a girls team I would have played for them.

    sounds like you school needs to get its act together and start a girls team!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Two things about this. Everyone should get a chance to follow what they want in sports. If the district has no girls football squad like about every district. Yeah go ahead girls, get on the field with 30 pounds of protective gear and go head to head with guys that wiegh in at near 250-300 lbs and look them in the eye and say BRING IT ! Just hope your voice doesn't crack.

    Second would be that I have known some girls that are bigger than any highschool lineman and can drop a transmition from a buick with one hand tied behind their back on thier own. While some of the guys on some highschool teams are so little that the cheer leaders are twice thier size. So if that little boy can play. sure let the girls get out there.

    Why should guys have all the highschool football glory stories at the bar latter in life.?

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  • Panda
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    1 decade ago

    I was on my high school wrestling team and the only girl. This was 12 years ago. It was not permitted in my district to discriminate and not allow a girl to wrestle or play football. Coaches should never go easy on the girls. My coaches expected even more out of me and I gave them that. If a girl wants to get into a traditionally guys sport she has to be willing to work just as hard and get hurt too. I think its ok for a girl to play football or wrestle. Some girls are better than guys at throwing passes and such. I also think the guys should be allowed to play volleyball and particpate in some of the traditionally feminine sports. For some reason it was ok for me to wrestle but a couple of guys that wanted to play volleyball were turned away but guys were permitted to be cheerleaders and we had 2. Its alot of politics. my opinion is let em play but don't go easy.

    Source(s): former female wrestler
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  • 1 decade ago

    I think its ridiculous how football is so sexist towards girls.

    They can work just as hard as the guys and in some cases can be better than them.

    Any girl that is going to take the risk of being on the team has my props. They deal with sexual harassment everyday. And they are putting themselves out there because they love the sport just like the guys and should NOT be treated differently.

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