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Mars, August 27 Not a hoax?

O.k, some people thought the august 27 with mars coming too close to earth was a hoax. I don't think so. Over 2 weeks ive been seeing a star (or planet) its getting bigger and bigger. Can that be mars getting closer again?

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    mars is not visible right now, so if it is getting too close you wouldn't see it until it is waaay too close. the planet you are seeing is either Arcturus (a big sun) or Jupiter.

    And Mars is not getting too close, it reached its closestness like 4 months ago. And that was still like 44 million miles. And if it was, it would be seriously all over the news, the end of the world would soo take precedence over the Olympics.

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    Ya.... thats Jupiter buddy. Not Mars. Mars shows up as a reddish color... Jupiter is a yellowish/white color... Mars will be farther away from the sun on the 27th. It won't even be visible. Thats why you haven't been seeing it... its been setting early this month because it is going behind the sun. It won't even be visible. Wasn't this started in 2003? I got the email too. I've been forced to send another chain letter saying it isn't going to happen. Mars got the closest it will be in 300 years a few years ago.

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    Is this object you're observing Mars? How do you know it's Mars? Mars in fact is currently getting fainter and closer to the Sun just after sunset.

    Planets and their orbits are extremely well known, having been studied closely for thousands of years. Mars' behaviour is completely predictable and, believe me, it's now receding from the Earth. There are many objects in the sky right now brighter than Mars; chances are you're observing one of these.

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    Not a true "hoax" but mis-information. Mars sets real early, just after sunset these days. Read the article which will explain the August Mars thing.

    Do you mean bigger or brighter?

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    Unless there is a catastrophic event that flings Mars out of its orbit, it will not approach Earth any closer than about 55 million kilometers. And since Mars is continually in the sights of many telescopes around the world, such an event would have been reported.

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    You're probably seeing Jupiter. Mars is a long way from earth at the moment and getting farther away every day. It's currently visible in the evening twilight, but it's not obvious.

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    Many spam e mails mention that Mars will look like full moon.It can never happen! IOt is true in the eliptical orbit, once in 2 years ,mars come a little bit close.But it will be never moon size(31Minute arc)

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    a = 1.52371034 AU

    e = 0.09339410

    i = 1.84969142 degrees

    L = 49.55953891 degrees

    w = 286.4968315 degrees

    T = JD 2454256

    Earth/Moon Barycenter

    a = 1.00000261 AU

    e = 0.01671123

    i = -0.00001531 degrees

    L = 0

    w = 102.93768193 degrees

    T = JD 2454468.5833

    Get a book on celestial mechanics and turn to the chapter that deals with calculating an ephemeris. Read it and learn something.

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    On August 27th of this year, Mars will be 222,911,198 miles from Earth

    In 2003 it approached to within 34,673,009 miles.

    From those figures you can see that the b.s. about Mars coming "too close" this year is just that...b.s.

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    Almost like they want people to go outside and look at the sky that night for some reason. Hmmmm... I wonder why.

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