Believers dumb as stumps? I wonder why this is said?

Though it is virtually unknown among laypeople, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences is an independent and remarkably influential body within the Holy See. Over the years its membership roster has read like a who’s who of 20th-century scientists (including Max Planck, Niels Bohr, and Erwin Schrödinger, to name a few), and it currently boasts more than 80 international academicians, many of them Nobel laureates.

Could those who consistently categorize ALL believers as 2nd grade dropouts (in essence) please read the above and if not open your minds then at least close your mouths?

Ask questions about our faiths. Let us answer them. Please. Enough with the querulous rants and the non-objective invective.

And I know that the thought police are gonna scratch this sucka because it doesn't fit their tiny, pre-conceived notion of what constitutes a "question". But with the increasing amount of diatribe they allow here, from BOTH sides, I think it's time we started policing ourselves. I'm betting we have what it takes to do it fairly. (I hope)

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    Were the above scientists successful because of, or in spite of, their faith?

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    Ah but there is a difference in rational consideration of divine origins and a completely different matter to assert that a particular religion is anything more than hogwash.

    Lets not step away from what for me is the real issue, that being this perverted notion that religious connotations of faith are on par in with reasoning.

    Pure fallacy.

    Faith, in religious terms, is simply a matter of maintaining a conviction that your beliefs are beyond reasonable criticism.

    This is the essence of irrationality.

    If you think for one moment that you can convince me that the likes of Max Planck, Niels Bohr, and Erwin Schrödinger would consent to your comparison of their considerations as being related to traditional religious beliefs you are deeply mistaken.

    Sorry but I happen to know better.

    Try this ploy on some one that doesn't actually enjoy reading the works of some of the great physicist of our time.

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    The stumps I have come in contact with all showed signs of growth.... Hence the statement was incorrect - even though it rhymes and sounds nice. Instead, Believers are more like pebbles with brains the size of a mustard seed.

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    Anyone who stereotypes on that scale has got some serious perspective problems.

    It's like saying all accountants are tone deaf. It's just a stupid statement made by a bunch of people who are otherwise as bright, and fallible as the rest of us.

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    Women murder far less than men. Susan Smith was not innocent however. Since when did general premises get successfully refuted by specific counterexamples.

    Men are strioger than women, right? That does not imply or state that ALL men are stronger than ALL women - which of course is good because that's not true; but as a group which is stronger?

    Now consider the question of belief and intellect in that context and let me know what you find.

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    The use of big words and non-common usage words in this situation just makes the reader believe you are uneducated and are throwing out the buzz words to look educated. Just for future reference.

    As for religious beliefs, keep in mind that until really recently it was a horrible thing to be an atheist. Religion and the backwards thinking it invokes, are what hinder knowledge so that it cannot advance. Every time someone says godidit they are coping out and not wanting to puch further and investigate.

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    I've never found faith and science to be incompatible, but then I've never approached science as merely an exercise to debunk faith (or vice versa). Now I know I'm in pretty good company.

    My condolences, however. I see that someone thinks they have insider knowledge that "you will burn". :)

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    So, You think you're in the top 10% of mankind? PLeeeeeaaaasssseeeee get off your high horse. And tell me another! I'm going to Heaven granny and God is allowing me to because I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. Simple and easy. But you think you are miss almighty. You will burn.

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    Thanks for answering my question. For your information I don't have to ask the Handy capped. I am the handy capped. I know what I was asking. I don't have any ego. Religion is bull. How can there be a God or Jesus when there are handy cap people like me out there.

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    The people that think all believers are stupid are clearly delusional.

    Take Pythagoras or Newton for example, great minds.

    There are many great atheist minds too historically and presently.

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    While I find arrogance distasteful and would love to see more real discussions on this forum (as opposed to insults), I don't really agree with 'policing'.

    Do you think it's going to help to tell people what they can and can't say? I'd rather hear their insults all day than to try and keep them from stating their opinions.

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