Help! I desperately need a loan but have bad credit and living with parents?

I am 23 and have a child, but am living with my parents at the moment in a tiny little room (me and my son in 1 room) I need to get out of here, my mum is controlling and trying to raise my son and flipping out at everything i do. I need a loan to get a house, not a mortgage,, I mean rented so need the deposit and rent in advance, Im also trying to get my art on the market but need a printer worth £6000 to make canvas prints. does anyone know of a gurenteed loan for bad credit, tenant, student, and where my parents wouldnt find out? thanks for all your help! oh and please no stupid answers, I know its highly unlikely but just trying to get all the info i can. thanks


I don't have any debt at all, just bad history. I do have a steady income too, but as a student it is seen as unemployed

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    This may not help you a lot, but in many areas of the country there are rent deposit schemes which give a loan for the deposit and rent in advance to get into private rented accommodation, you need to ask your local council housing department about it.

    Also if you're not in debt now but just have bad history you might be eligible later for one of the small-business start-up schemes that operate in some areas, and you probably also have a regional arts organisation that could give you advice about setting up a business to sell your artwork.

    I think you just need to do some research about what is available rather than taking out a private loan, which would have a very high rate of interest, to solve your problems.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sweetie, get real. You have bad credit and no income and now you're looking to dig yourself into the Black Hole of Calcutta of debt. You are not going to get this type of loan. You need to calm down and take a really hard look at your life. The economy stinks right now and you think that you are going to support yourself and your son with ART??? It's not going to happen.

    You need to bite the bullet and get a job that pays you enough to live on, pay your bad debts and save toward doing your art - in your free time.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Bad Credit/No Credit + No LOAN. Parents or a relative is your only chance.

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  • 1 decade ago

    this company is international and will work with most individuals even if they have past history problems.

    make sure that you never pay upfront fees.

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