Family Guy Epiode Where Peter & Lois Date Other People?

Im trying to find the episode of family guy where Peter & Lois date other people because Lois cheats on Peter.

Season Number & Epsiode Number if possible.

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    it's the one where peter goes on a date with jennifer love hewitt who happens to be the jews niece right?

    i believe it to be episode 47 and called "stuck together, torn apart"

    if its not that one, then it's season 6 "bill and peters bogus journey" where lois sleeps with bill clinton and peter decides to get even he must also have an affair, and he also ends up sleeping with bill in the end!!

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    Lois Cheats On Peter

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    -Movie Name: Family Guy 319 Stuck Together, Torn Apart

    -Movie Genre: Season 3

    -Description: Lois runs into an ex-boyfriend while shopping. Knowing Peter would be jealous, she has coffee with him behind Peter's back. Peter, while hanging with the guys in Joe's new police surveillance van, spot Lois. Angered, Peter tries to make Lois jealous by having prostitutes pose as his old girlfriends. After a marriage therapist suggesting a trial separation, Quagmire makes his move on Lois, and Peter goes on his own date... with actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian become superglued together, and must deal with each other waiting for the solvent to arrive, and actually warm up to one another

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    The only episode where they totally understand him is the 2 part episode where stewie kills lois and then ends up getting killed when he takes over the world. They do understand him, because we find out at the end that the whole thing was just a simulation. The only person who understands Stewie is Brian. Other times, the characters will seem to respond to Stewie, but its really just like anyone would respond to any baby when they are babbling.

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    Stuck Together, Torn Apart -,_Torn_...

    Season 3 Episode 47.

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    peter & lois date other people in the episode "stuck together, torn apart"...season 3, episode 19...

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    have you tried youtube ?

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    its 4th season idk what episode

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