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Can ditch weed be used to make honey oil/hash oil?

I know that it has a very low THC concentration. I plan to use a butane extraction method ( My idea is that it will work but just have a low yield, but i really want a second opinion before i invest my time into an experiment that doesn't work.

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    my guess, based on what i read in the article, is that you will just get an extremely low yield, somewhere around 1-2 grams/ oz of weed at best. i dont see how it would be a waste to try it, besides, a little hash oil can go a long way. good luck man.


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    I had a similar idea a while ago!! But instead what if you get some dry ice and micron bags?? All you gotta do is put em both in the bag, shake it out onto a surface like a mirror, big one by the way, scrape it all together, wrap it in baking parchment thats wrapped in damp newspaper then compress with an iron then you've got pure hash!! You could try that then maybe iso it after if theres any left in it?? To answer you question, 2. You could give pure Acetone a try, drys out proper quick. 3. I've read somewhere what you've mentioned then at the same time it might rip out more chlorophyll which will bulk it out more which no one really wants. 4. Hemps on average about 0.75% THC although they have a higher ratio of CBD which I cant really find so if you've got 10-20ib which theoretically is about 33.75-67.5 grams which I thinks a right bargain for just buying a few simple things, go for it and all the best!!

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