Russia, Georgia, Poland and the US..?

can someone please explain to me what is happening there.. cant figure it out from the reports ive read and heard.. much appreciated.. thanks x

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The short answer is that the world's "great" powers have been fighting over that part of the world since time immemorial, and are now doing so again.

    The long answer requires reading a lot of history. You could start by going to and looking up the following: "May 3rd constitution". Then take a look at "Russian empire", "First French empire", "Austro-Hungarian empire", "German empire". Getting a bit more up to date check out "Josef Stalin", "Katyn massacre", "Warsaw Rising" and "Yalta Conference". Maybe take a quick peek at "Cuban Missile Crisis" too.

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    Here goes nothing, you will generally find, when people get into power, they want to make a splash on the World stage, and say, I can do this, the best way of getting noticed, I can destroy something somewhere Bush and Blair did it, as unjustified that was, never mind, whats a few deaths, only our boys and girls are still paying the price, and their families, as for Georgia, nothing should have happend in the first place, it is just a means of convenience for Russia today, but the poor Georgions are paying the price. aren't our poloticians wonderful?

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    What has and is happening now and did in the past.(Ethnic cleansing).Is

    about to happen in England.

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    go to, watch all the clips, very informative~!


    and have a nice day~!

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