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What NHL team do you think Mr Bean is a fan of? (read on)?

2. Would Elvis have gone to Predators games while visiting Nashville?

3. Will Obama be seen at a BlackHawks game this year?

4. Who would make the better US President.. Roenick, Modano or Chelios?

5. What hockey player do you think will go into US Politics after he retires(local or National)?

6. Do you feel like you are qualified for a job at AT&T?

7. Pick one member of this Forum that you would like to go to a hockey game and dinner and drinks with? (for any reason.. like pick their brain, drink with, cause you think they are HAWT, ETC)

8. What is the strangest thing you have ever seen at a Hockey game? (fan or play, etc)

9. You win a contest and can have any item from any player hockey (has to be related to hockey, so no cars of theirs,etc) given to you and signed, what do you ask for?

10. Which team thats expected to do well this season will miss the playoffs? (dont use teams like ATL, TOR, NYI, etc.. as we all know they are expected to do well)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    1 Mr Bean is a Pittsburgh fan. They remind him of himself, quiet most of the time but can make noise once in a while.

    2. No, he could not stand the sight of someone throwing the catfish on the ice He was against wasting food after all.

    3 No, as we have all seen he can not be connected to anything with the word black in it. That might sway voters against him.

    4. Roenick. Chelios is to close to Europe and Modano has been hanging with a Russian bit to much.

    5.Crosby will have no choice, He will be forced to lead Canada, as he is the Chosen one. Opps wrong movie.

    6. I am over qualified. I have customer service.

    7. Sammy, this way i can finally answer the question of is Sammy a male or female. Oh and would order steak tar tar.

    8. I believe strangest thing I have ever seen at a hockey game was this gentleman telling my friends to be quiet.

    9. Lidstrom's jersey from game 6 of Stanley cup finals last year.

    10.Anaheim will miss the playoffs.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Lol, I remember watching Mr. Bean as a kid, good times... For some strange reason I do feel he would be a fan of the Islanders.

    2. I would think so.

    3. Maybe, it wouldn't hurt to be seen at a hockey game in his home town.

    4. Modano.

    5. I could see Modano going in that direction.

    6. Absolutely, lol.

    7. I can't pick one either, I'm taking the PC way out too, lol.

    8. At an Avs/Sens game a couple years ago, there was this one guy who wouldn't stop yelling "Hasek is a homo!" throughout the entire 3rd period, he was drunk, but it was still pretty weird. And he yelled it so loud too, so annoying. The weirdest part was that he didn't seem to be an Avs fan either...

    9. I'm not really into having players' equipment or getting it signed or stuff like that. But I would really like to have the stick Peter Forsberg used to score his shootout "stamp" goal to win the gold medal game against Canada in the 1994 Olympics.

    10. Out of teams that are expected to do well, maybe the Stars, Ducks, or Canadiens. I just have this strange feeling about those three...


    Teal Town: But are the Avs really expected to do well this season though? Didn't ESPN put them 13th in the West or something like that? I actually can see the Avs miss the playoffs quite easily. If Joe doesn't come back and if Budaj doesn't step up to the plate, they are royally screwed :(

  • 1 decade ago

    1.) The Maple Leafs

    2.) No. He'd be too busy eating himself to death.

    3.) Hopefully we can turn him into a hockey fan if he ends up being president!

    4.) Chelios has more experience haha.

    5.) Sean Avery will be a crooked politician.

    6.) I feel like I am overqualified.

    7.) J.O., njdevil, kurfadle, etc. We're all Devils fans.

    8.) My friend saw some guy bring in a stuffed kangaroo (and he actually paid for a seat to put the kangaroo in), but security wouldn't let him bring it into the arena.

    9.) Scott Stevens' stick from the last game of his career.

    10.) Maybe the Lightning. They did get a lot of new talent, but they also lost Richards and it'll be hard to get a lot of new players adjusted to the team to build team work and efficiency. A new coach is also hard because not only do the new players have to adjust to a different coach, but so do the players who are already on the team. They also have no defense.

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Mr. Bean's best friend is Teddy, and Boston is BEANtown so too many similarities to NOT be the Bruins.

    2. Probably, but I hope to God he would've stayed away from the "fang fingers"....

    3. Obama probably thinks the Blackhawks are a new Chicago baseball team.

    4. Modano. He has that JFK clean cut look to him.

    5. Marty Turco. But we all know that Brett Hull will really be the power behind the throne.

    6. I can work a phone, I already hate AT&T...sounds like I'm already employed by them.

    7. Whoever is willing to pay for it, haha.

    8. Mike Ricci......XD

    9. Craig Ludwig's customized shin pads. (Legendary)

    10. If Jokinen and Bryzgalov can get the Coyotes going it may be Anaheim that misses the playoffs.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. The Canadiens, because he's a homo and so are they.

    2. Of course, he would sing the national anthem!

    3. Yes at the winter's classic @ Wrigley.

    4. Chelios, because of his work ethic.

    5. Jeremy Roenick because he's got a big mouth.

    6. Of course, and so is the stapler on my desk.

    7. You, because you are an American that actually cares about hockey.

    8. A dude wearing a Pitbull outfit rocking a Michael Vick Jersey (it was Halloween last year Oilers & Red Wings)

    9. The stick used by Frank Mahulvalich the last time the Leafs won the cup.

    10. The Rangers, because that's what they do best.

  • Mr. Bean- has to be an Isles fan

    2) Only if they serve peanut butter and 'nana sandwiches. Uh-huh

    3) No, he'll be too busy licking his wounds after November.

    4) Roenick- he's made the stupidest comments out of those three. "The fans can kiss my @$$" That should qualify him

    5)DiPietro- Goalies seems well-suited for public office.

    6) Sure, I can't follow simple instructions either!

    7)Can't just pick one, and I don't want to offend anyone. There's many. I know, I took the PC way out.

    8) My buddy falling over the rail of the upper bowl at the Nassau Coliseum onto the concrete aisle below. He only hurt his ankle, and he wound up marrying the woman who helped him.

    9)Dennis Potvin's 4 Stanley Cup Rings!!!

    10) Possibly Boston or Ottawa, since I can't use the Isles,lol.

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Since he's an absolute idiot....Probably the Leafs.

    2. No.

    3. Highly possible.

    4. Modano. He's from Michigan.

    5. ???

    6. Yeah.

    7. No one.

    8. The only game I've ever gone to, a kid was wearing a banana costume, and he was dancing.

    9. A game worn jersey from Steve Yzerman.

    10. TBL

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. ???

    2. As long as there's beer, he will be there.

    3. Yeah, he needs to get votes and if American hockey fans (say, republican hockey fans) see that Obama's a fellow fan, they may change their votes.

    4, Modano for his class, but Roenick would have my vote; he tells it like it is.

    5. Hull. Don't ask me why, just a gut feeling.

    6. No, because it's a customer service job, meaning that i have to be nice to people, meaning that I wouldn't be qualified.

    7. Jay K because he's HAWT and then NIPPERS for seconds.

    8. Amateur coach arguing with a referee over a miscall. Apparently, it was "tripping," not "hooking."

    9. A goalie paddle.

    10. I'll go with T-Bay.

  • Candy-
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    1 decade ago

    1. Well if Boston is bean town as someone said above then I guess the bruins.

    2. yes..... actually I have no idea.

    3. Maybe, if he gets elected pres!

    4. Modano

    5. Modano lol

    6. LOL!! not yet but after a few more questions who knows maybe!

    7. ummm..... I'd love to go with anyone but it would be pretty cool to go with I <3 Gonchar.

    8. um.... two guys in front of me saying "wouldn't it be weird if we were on a rollercoaster and our mouths were open and a seagull flew into our mouth!

    I was like WTF.... I was trying so hard not to laugh!

    9. A Wayne Gretzky hockey stick from the last time he led the Oilers to the Stanley Cup!

    10. Ottawa is my guess!

  • San B
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    1 decade ago

    1. The Preds. I could see him miming a growl and a swipe of the paw.

    2. All the meds he was on? He'd think the puck was truly glowing.

    3. Doubt it

    4. Chelly. Run a restaurant, run a country

    5. JR, after his Hollywood career

    6. After seeing all of the phone-related questions misplaced in the hockey section, I feel like I'm over-qualified.

    7. My favorite Flyers fan

    8. The brawl in the stands between Blackhawk and Blue Jackets fans in Columbus last year. Two rows of people wildly throwing punches and falling all over each other. Pretty funny considering how laid back the city of Columbus is.

    9. Bernie Parent's goalie stick from 1974

    10. Pittsburgh

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