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How to compress/shrink episodes of shows to fit more on disk? What Program do I need?

Is there some program or way of shrinking/compressing some episodes of a tv file that are in avi format so that I can fit more on a disk? Thanks alot!

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    i don't recommend it. If you're putting it on a disk, most likely you're using it on a television. Compressing video only makes it look worse.I would just settle with multiple disks and the best quality. HD does look cool. Most avis are aboult half the resolution of HD and imagine compressing that..

    not pretty.

  • 3 years ago

    CD-recorded video has continuously been makeshift. Early 90s- VCD became utilized in some video games. Used MPEG-a million, high quality tended to suck and became dropped at the same time as DVD got here alongside. Early 2000s- CD-R drives and DVD gamers grew to change into inexpensive at the same time. So, VCDs will be burned on a house computer and performed interior the front room. The compression high quality nonetheless sucked, though. To make a CD-R look as sturdy as a DVD, tremendous VideoCD became devised. This became not in any respect a real format, better of a fakeout for the participant. that is basically recording a shortened or decrease high quality DVD flow onto a CD-R. because the bitrate should be DVD-velocity, the disc ought to spin very quick and the front room DVD gamers many times fail to play those discs. So, burn to DVD. DVDs can carry many many hours at low high quality.

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