Why do my 2 laptops have 2 hard drives c and d?

I have a very new mini laptop with solid state hard drives,, but the drive c was almost full, and I had to free up a bit of space to avoid getting warning notices, but drive D is almost empty! What is the purpose of 2 drives as we have a 3 year old laptop with only 1 drive, also can programs be installed,moved or down loaded on to drive d ? Many Thanks...

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    The first person is probably correct in saying that your C drive is your system information while the D drive is probably the backup.

    But he didn't clarify that:

    1. There is physically only one hard drive in the computer. It just has 2 partitions.

    2. The reason this laptop has a C and D (where D isn't the CD/DVD rom drive) is that most manufactures now send out "recovery software" on the partitioned drive rather than on CD's like they used to (this includes not sending the Operating System CD either).

    3. Nothing can be saved to the backup partition. You could choose to purchase all the software (including the OS) that came on your laptop and then remove the partition and just have one partition (C drive) if you choose.

    4. If you need more hard drive space, may I suggest purchasing an external hard drive (1 for backup of important files and 2 for saving files you do not use often).

    Laptops mostly come with smaller hard drives because they are not made to hold "tons" of information like a desktop does.

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    Why would you buy a solid state hard drive if you dont understand the basics? Now, I do not know your specs. Its possible the solid state drive has two partitions. Its also possible that you have two drives, a smaller solid state drive for running your os, and a larger hard disk for saving your actual data.

    The reason that a solid state drive is good is because its much faster then sequential reading of data that a hard disk does. However the speed advantage is usually in your actual loading of programs and operating system. Not in the loading of your personal files.

    Now, its usually advisable to have seperate partitons for your data and your OS, this way if you ever need to reinstall your OS(such as a virus, or a corrupted file) you can without losing any of your data. It also makes backing up all your data easier as its all in one place without other stuff mixed in.

    You can install programs into the other partition(or drive), however depending on the program you install it might need to install some its files on your main drive. When you install the program, you tell it to install it to the other parition, and then it will tell you how much space it needs on each drive.

    As for gettign rid of it. If the two are actually one physical drive then you can delete second partiton(lose all your data on it) and expand the c partition out. If its two seperate drives you cant. To check, right click on computer and select manage. Choose disk managment. On the bottom panel you should see the drives and it will tell you if you have multiple drives or just multiple partitions.

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    Today most of the laptops have 2 hard drives.

    As one of the answers said

    C: is for the main one

    D: is for the recovery.

    Most of the time, i use D for important data.

    It's important to have the C drive just for the programs only; it will make the laptop runs faster and avoid the pop-up warning as you had.

    In your case, I would back-up all the data in either D drive or in the external hard drives; then I would use the recovery CD ( they come in the box when you buy your laptop) to reformat and bring the laptop (with all the programs) as the original new one. Then you can install needed programs in the laptop.

    You will see the laptop runs faster.

    Good luck!

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    Hi! Physically you have one drive but it has two parts C and D. There is a program Partition Magic that can split hard disk or merge into one already splitting hard drive.

    But it's not bad that you have two. I can suggest you remove some private (not system) information to D from C. It might be more secure or important for you and keep it there. And you won't get warming notices about lack of free space on C.

    Cheers! Hope I could help you.

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    It would be only 1 drive, just partitioned into 2.

    They do this so you can better manage your files into two drives - I much prefer just one myself.

    So to do this you can get Partitioning Software, but this can be very risky and could end up crashing your hard drive. If you do want to do it make sure you backup your HD.

    All programs can be installed to wherever you want, bar some. Just change the install path during the installer. To move files between just drag and drop/copy and paste as you normally would.

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    Your machine has one drive but to 'partitions' - generally the Operating System and other important files are installed on the C: partition, and general user files, games, programs etc. are installed on the D: partition.

    This is a through back to early windows OS that couldn't handle huge drives - not really needed any more...but still used...I wouldn't tamper with the C: if I were you though...

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    Your laptop has one hard drive, which is split into two separate drives for easy management of documents/windows, for example one drive is used for windows and the other is for all your work, pictures and music etc...

    Also, im not sure what you mean but D might be your CD/DVD drive, im confused; maybe is you were to tell us what laptop you are talking about, or is it a custom built one? Im guessing ACER because they hard drives are usually partitioned.

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    if it is a 3 yo laptop i doubt if they solid state drives, cold be a partitioned single drive to look like two drives. moving doesn't always work but you can reinstall them on the other drive all except ststem files

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    the drives have been partitioned to keep your operating files, windows etc. separate from your storage drive. there is actually only one drive but your laptop thinks there is two

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    hi its probably only one hard drive, but its partitioned into two logical drives , this is common practice for servers or large hard drives, one partition for system information and applications and the other for files etc.

    Source(s): www.computer-adviser.com
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