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Do police discriminate against tattoos if you are trying to get hired?

I want to get a tattoo tomorrow for my birthday, but I also want to start trying to get hired on a police department. I have one little tattoo on my wrist that is easily covered with makeup or a watch and I want one on the back of my neck. Would they largely discriminate against a tattoo that says leo on the back of my neck? and do you have any other suggestions on where to put it?

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    Many jobs say that you cannot have a visible tattoo. Double check the policy before you get one.

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    It honestly depends on what kind of job you want in the police department. If you want to be a secretary, work in PR, or have an office job, then you will need to maintain a clean image. I have seen a lot of police officers with tattoos, so that doesn't seem like such an issue.

    If you want to get it somewhere else...what about your shoulders or upper arm? All those places can easily be covered up.

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    So you want to be part of the police force eh? Well i do know for a fact that they do not allow any piercings (visible) of course allowed. As far as tattoos go i have seen my share of tattooed policemen but i wouldn't recommend you getting a tattoo on the back of your neck, that is if you want to join the police force. I would however recommend you to get it in a place preferably where its not visible while wearing your uniform. You have plenty of places on your body to put it like our lower or upper back, behind your shoulder, on your hip bone or in the middle of your back. Oh yea you can even get it on the top of your foot. Well good luck and i hope that have helped you in any way.

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    honestly? i work for a PD, and you have to wear your hair pulled back or in a bun. it's for safety reasons. if your tattoo is visible, in a bun or pulled back, I'd re-think the location.

    that being said, if it's already there when you apply, then i think you'll be fine. tons of cops have tattoos, and get hired. don't go overboard, but i think you'll be fine. no forearm or neck tattoos after you get in. keep them in places that can be covered.

    if you have good standing with your background check, and do well in the academy, i think you'll be fine.

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    wear your hair down. if it's not long enough, try a good cover-up. (try a costume shop because most commercial brand foundations aren't thick enough.) and remember - you may not get hired for a tattoo, but you can't get fired for one. otherwise, there's a discrimination lawsuit in the works...

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    some might.

    it just depends on their policy.

    our dpt prefers for them not to show but they won't turn down a qualified person bcse of their tattoos

    same goes for non police personnel with in the department.

    they don't tell us we can't get tattoos

    a girl in dispatch just got a tattoo on her neck.

    i've been barefoot the last few tours bcse i got one on my foot and can't wear a sock while healing unless i put saran on it.

    Source(s): 911 op 6 yrs on the job with lots of tatted poh pohs
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    so many police officers have tattoos, including my brother. he is nearly finished with a complete body suit (excluding his face, of course) and has been on the force for 6 years. i don't think it should matter one bit.

    good luck!

    Source(s): heavily tattooed wife of tattoo artist that tattooed a complete body suit on my brother, the cop! :-)
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    I don't think it will be a problem, they may not even see it anyways.But a lot of cops have tattoos. ANd guys have them on their arms and work there.

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    Nope they don't discriminate. Heck alot of policemen here in my town have full sleeves.

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    The Popo will not hire someone with Tattoo's don't get it (if you want the popo position that is)

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