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How much is it to call France from a standard BT landline


I live in France and use Skype but my friends don't have Skype and want to call my French home Number wrather than my mobile

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    I wouldn't use BT to call internationally. Use Skype instead. So easy to do even if you have to call ordinary phones. I call an Indonesian mobile phone at the cost of 8.8 pence per minute. The line quality is reasonable.

    Edit: Skype is not just for mobile calls, you can call landlines with skype too. If they have access to the internet then Skype is ideal. If they don't have it download it free from

    Skype prices including VAT

    France £ 0.014

    France - Mobile £ 0.132

    France-Paris £ 0.014

    France Premium Rate - 0891 £ 0.194

    France Premium Rate - 0892 £ 0.250

    France Premium Rate - 0893 £ 0.250

    France - Shared Cost £ 0.130

    France-Toll Free £ 0.000

    Most of the prices to landlines in France are less than 2 pence per minute inclusive of VAT (15% as Skype is Europe based not UK based and when you top up your Skype account VAT is charged so you get more value e.g a £10 credit costs £11.50)

    BT Prices EXCLUDING VAT (VAT in UK is set at 17.5%)

    France Charge band 1a From 6:00am - 6:00pm 21.000 6:00pm - 6:00am 11.500 All day Sat and Sun 11.500

    Prices in pence per minute and exclude VAT

    I hope that this clarifies my answer.

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    Bonjournoo wee wee , i have no idea ring international help line -i hope this helped riverderchie

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