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Will Tom Brady be the best fantasy QB this year?

I know most people will say that he is high above the rest, but in after an enitre off-season is it possible that many defenses have solved the dynamic offense of the Pats? Will they balance the offense more with Maroney? Could Peyton Manning continue some of the seasons of his past and be better than Brady, or even players such as Romo and Brees post more yards and TDs? I am not convinced that Brady should be drafted as high as he is being drafted.. is it more worth it to wait and take a different QB in a later round who could be just as efficient? Please tell me why Brady should go so high

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    Brady will be a great fantasy QB but not great enough to select him over most RBs. To be short and sweet, you have a great chance of taking a QB in the 5th round such as Brees, Palmer, Roethlisberger, Romo and they have all the capabilties to do what Brady can do this season. I think he is overrated based on his record-breaking season last year.

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    I think he will more than likely be the best but not to the level he was at last year. The giants proved that the Patriots are invincible and with a good blitz defence they can actually be defeated and Brady can be shut down. A lot of teams got into being more timid on the defence last year and not trying to blitz as much too prevent from being burned but that just doesn't work.

    They can't balance their offence more with Maroney because he isn't a good runningback. Really he got high on last years preliminary fantasy rankings just because he is on the Patriots and look what happened. If the Pats had a better rb they would run more. You can see that as good in that Brady gets more plays or bad if the defences can actually get their act together the Patriots don't have a talented enough runnningback to keep them honest.

    Brady still have the the easiest division out of all the teams with top tier qb's (farve isn't gonna magically make the jets good). He will probally be a top 5 or at least top 10 pick in most leagues because of the had an amazing season last year. If you take him in my opinion depends on the settings in your league. What happens in a lot of fantasy leagues is all the good runningbacks go in the first couple rounds and if you don't get them your screwed. It depends on the depth and the scoring settings. In a shallower league I would pick Brady up while in a deeper league you are better to pick a runningback and get a good quaterback in the next few rounds. Also I would decide on the settings, how important qb's are to the point scoring vs everyone else.


    Tyler Maroney isn't one of the best RB's in the game. He is not one even one of the greatest runningbacks this season nevermind at all. He is pretty much a middle of the pack rb, nothing special.

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    He may be the best fantasy QB, but I doubt he will be significantly better than the other top 5 or so and I really doubt he will match last year's stats. I like Peyton, Romo and Brees even more. That being said, I don't usually draft a QB before the 4th round. I think RB, RB, WR (or RB), then QB is the way to go. If you pick a QB too early you miss the best RBs and they are much more valuable as they have the quickest drop-off in talent in the player pool.

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    they are all 3 super QBs, i could say in case you have been going to take a QB interior the 1st around earlier than a RB, the only one nicely worth attention is Peyton. in any different case Brady could slip to the 2d around, besides as Brees. Brady does have an incredible receiving middle, yet maximum of them are nevertheless attempting to get used to the equipment and the guy throwing them the rock. Peyton has had a similar adult adult males for a collectively as now, and that all of them understand one yet another enormously plenty. Brees is likewise a sturdy %., yet communities are going to key on Colston and Bush extra this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, so which you will see how they do with extra defenders on them. i could say in case you're taking one in all those QBs this is the order which you're able to take them in Manning Brady Brees playstation Dont forget approximately approximately Carson Palmer

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    Let's see,last year everyone was clamoring to grab C.Palmer in the 1st 2 rounds.How'd that work out?QB is a risky position to take early in drafts.I'd stick with the consistent RBs that don't drop and rise 4-5 rounds every year.Brady was taken in the 4-5-6 round range last year.I grabbed C.Palmer in the 5th round this year,and I hope his value will rise again.The Pats should have a tough schedule,and defences will most likely clamp down on Moss..Brady could have another great year,but I highly doubt it.~~G{}{}d Luck!

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    "They can't balance their offence more with Maroney because he isn't a good runningback."

    um are you retarded? Laurence is one of the most talented rb's in the game...they just don't run the offense around him

    and to answer your question, I think Brady will be the best fantasy QB this year...with Romo/Manning being somewhat close.

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