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What does the saying "you have lost the plot" mean?

why and how so in your opinion?

when did this saying come around in the UK too btw?

Thanks for your answers!

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    You have lost your plot means you have gotten off track and lost the focus of whatever you are working with, be it writing, talking.If someone has a negative undertone and you have missed the meaning of the statement, then you are 'not getting it'.

    UK = Not sure, there are many answers.

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    Losing The Plot

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    It's just a thing you say to someone if they do something weird or odd, as if there was a meaning to what they were to doing and all of a sudden they did something weird.

    Like when a person is writing a book, they know the plot of the story and work towards that, but they'd've lost the plot if they drifted away from the storyline.

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    To lose the plot does generally mean that you have gone crazy or mad but it doesn't define in what way. Some people may see this as someone becoming very angry or acting completely irrationally. So basically if somebody loses the plot they stop acting rationally about something as this covers pretty much everyones view.

    "I was waking up in the middle of the night, not knowing who I was or where I was. I really thought I was losing the plot. "

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    It sounds to me as if someone is having a hard time following the meaning of a story. That's the best I can come up with. That or they have a speech impediment and they are really trying to say "I'm losing the pot" while reaching for the items that are falling out of their pocket.

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    We all know plot is the highlight of the story. if you lost the plot you lost the idea that what it means

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    It means you have gone on to another subject, and nothing to do what was being talked about.

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    It means you dont know anything about what your saying/doing.

    And prob about 4 years ago.

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    it means you have veered off from the main path

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    That you've gone mad


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