HELP... trying to transfer mp4 from mobile to PC via bluetooth. HELP

The file seems to transfer but on the mobile it says it's disconnecting but just does it for hours. What's wrong with this.

Am I missing out on a vital step. Where does the data go to as I can't find a file in 'my documents' Help please

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you may have a bluetooth folder, it may be there

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  • fries
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    4 years ago

    not not each and each and every of the virus that has potential to move itself yet few may can do it. If the archives that you're transfering is already contaminated with virus then you actually are helping them to move your self. Few viruses like: Skulls Virus, CommWarrior Virus are bluetooth virus that could want to move with out informing you and regulate your platforms. So be conscious and turn it off at the same time as it isn't in use.

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