Why can't a horse vomit

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Update : Nope, it is "apparently" impossible for a horse to vomit.
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Because horses have powerful throat muscles that prevent any material from coming back up, and the shape of the stomach makes it even more difficult for anything to pass through the wrong way. That's part of the reason why it's so dangerous for a horse to have stomach problems, because unlike us, if they get something bad in there, they can't chuck it back out.

Although apparently, horses can and do vomit... just very, very rarely.


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  • Kimberley answered 6 years ago
    Horses have no up-chuck (sp?) reflex, just the same as rabbits. They cant get sick because they dont have the correct muscles and build to actually do it therefore they just wont, this is why when they have an operation there is no need to starve them before hand because they cant get sick and therefore there is no danger to them during operation, whereas with a dog you must starve them before hand because them being sick could be fatal.
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  • layde C answered 6 years ago
    i never even new they couldnt so i have no clue
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  • Erin S answered 6 years ago
    Horses cant vomit because they werent deigned that way. The they dont have the thing that lets us be sick.
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  • aarzoo answered 6 years ago
    it is a fact...........no point of asking?
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  • Thomas H answered 6 years ago
    It can't?
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