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How do you keep from having orgasms while cycling?

I've just taken up cycling and I love it but I have a problem. I orgasm a lot from it and it's really annoying. It's like this big burst of energy that propels you and then you're dead. Is there any kind of technique or something to prevent that from happening?

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    Benny, you're a hypocritical ****. Lets lokks at one of your previous questions:

    "Does the Rated version of Superbad have that gross Vagtastic Voyage bonus feature?

    I watched the Unrated version of Superbad and when I went through the special features I came across Vagtastic Voyage which looked like it was basically a porno so I turned it off. I don't allow porn in my house but I like the movie. I can't find the Rated version anywhere but I was wondering if it (unrated) has that bonus feature, cuz if so, I'll just forget about it."

    Specifically the "I don't allow porn in my house but I like the movie."

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    Is it true that you can stll have intercourse while your on you period, but it is not very healthy. By doing so your at higher risk for getting things like yeast infection, urinary tract infection and so on. During your menstrual cycle it is meant for all that to come out not go back in, if you catch my drift. Best advice just wait the 5-7 days then do your thing...

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    Check out the ISM Adamo Racing seat made by Blackwell Research. They split in the front to prevent pressure in unwanted areas. I bought my first one a couple months ago and will never turn back! This should fix the "problem". Check out the link below.

  • Anonymous
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    No. The cycling probably gives you arousal's and it's normal nothing to worry about. It just happens that some people get arousal with certain objects or just by touching someone. You can really get rid of it, it's just something that happens probably with time it all go away. That's what I learn in my psychology class.

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  • Anonymous
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    Hahahaha that sounds fantastic! But maybe try not to let your groin area be so relaxed.. if you engage your abs more so they are holding up your upper body you might not end up being so pleasured by the seat.. I'm not positive but I'd give it a try! Good luck?

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    are you serious?!?! LOL that happens LOL, dear God. I'm taking up cycling!! and become the ultimate rider in more ways than one!.

    Ok think of women, men you don't want to screw and they are the very seat that stimulates and excites you. Boom! no more big O.

    WOW!! I seriously never knew that could happen.

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    Think about baseball while you're riding.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think about my grandma. If it still happens think about Paris Hilton

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    I'm sorry, I thought I was the only one.

    Try cycling with your butt in the air, like pros do

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    Ha Ha that's why u enjoy it so much, Get a BIGGER Saddle

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