Why is Tibet so important to China?

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Do they have natural resources? Gas, metals, minerals? Why is China so adamant on keeping that tiny piece of land, made up of simple peaceable people?
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Apart from the historic/cultural ties, it occupies a very strategic position in regards to much of the rest of asia, and hundreds of millions of its people rely on the water that comes from the Himalayas.

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It's the only answer that made any sense. Thank you.
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  • Mark G answered 6 years ago
    China's cultural attitude is like a European power in the 19th Century.

    Consider Franco-German tension over Alsace-Lorraine, or British reluctance to grant Ireland Home Rule, or the various Balkan Wars. These conflicts occurred over territories which the protagonists believed were historically theirs, and belonged to them inviolably, and it was good and just to go to war to keep them or take them.

    China treats Tibet the same way. It could be a devoid, empty desert costing more than it brings in in resources and tax revenue, but that wouldn't matter - to China, it's a historical and integral part of the ancient Chinese Empire, and that is sufficient justification for them.
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  • The Mango Man answered 6 years ago
    Tibet is important to China because Tibet is part of China and as a country you would not like to give away any more of your territories.

    China is in the period of territorial consolidations...HongKong was taken back from England, Macao from the Portugese, Taiwan is in the process of negotiations. The only left is outer mongolia!

    China has no choice but to be militarily strong to prevent outside nations to divide the country again like vultures coming out from the skies and ripping the very fabric of the nation and the national psyche!!

    America should be thankful that Mexico is not a very strong nation or else they would ask for California and Texas to be given back!

    In the final analysis, POWER is in the barrel of the gun!!!

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  • CAPTAIN BEAR answered 6 years ago
    No strategic value whatsoever but because its part of China, the leaders do not want to be branded as traitors should any part of China be divided like in the old days.
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  • Jerry Jerry Jerry!!! answered 6 years ago
    Why did America "attack" yugoslavia.
    I thought it was because of the mulims being raped and murdered there everyday
    is that not it.
    Please enlighten me
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  • Winterlieder answered 6 years ago
    for the same reason that US attacked to Yugoslavia Iraq Afghanistan...no particular reason just their fantasies

    China regards Tibet to have been a part of its land since the Mongol dynasty extended into the Himalayan region some 700 years ago. This was formalised in the 18th and 19th centuries when Tibet was made a protectorate of China. Tibet achieved autonomy of sorts when it unilaterally declared independence in 1913.
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  • Tahuti answered 6 years ago
    Because they are a virus that wants to steal other people's wealth.
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