When employers check References, do they check , salary.

I had an interview, and it went very well, but I lied on the Salary for my last position, should I give them a different name and phone for that position, and tell one of my friends to prented to be my Ex-supervisor. The position pays 50/50 on Medical, and dental is within 6 months, unless you are great you get dental sooner. What do u think!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes they will and if they discovered that you lied you are out...

    For the future, never lie again; it is a killer in the job hiring process and even if you are hired and your lie is discovered later..this will not be favorable for you...

    Alternatively, there is ways to avoid such questions and answer something in the line: the salary is very important but it is not the only reason I am looking for a new job besides pay comes in different forms such as bonus, vacation pay, benefits, travel...etc; today I would really like to learn as much a possible about the job...in this way you did not lie and you skillfully did not answer the question....if they insist, you should tell the truth....

  • 1 decade ago

    It is never a good idea to lie to an employer. That being said I have glorified some of the things on my past applications and resumes... never lied straight forward though.

    It really depends on the employer... it varies from place to place. Any of the information you submitted is subjected to be checked on. Usually if you're caught in a lie an employer will completely disregard your application.

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