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What are side affects of zyban/wellbutrin?

I'm now on zyban/ wellbutrin I was feeling very nervous parranoid

scared. I was hearing & seeing things I knew werent there.

I was reading on numerous websites that this is not a side affect of this drug.

I want to know what went wrong?

should I be taking this?


I also am having problems sleeping.

this has never happened before; ever.

I just didnt understand what was happening.

Its the long weekend I doubt my doctors working...

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    I took Zyban (to quit smoking) for awhile and did not have those side effects I was however very emotional and very sad. and my cousin was on it for depression and tried to commit suicide. I've never heard of those side effects but I'm sure there could be other emotional side effects. Drugs effect people differently so if you think this may be a side effects talk to your doctor and ask him to try something else.


    don't stop taking it on your own. contact your doctor ASAP. if you can't get a hold of your doctor and you are not able to cope tonight call go to the ER a doctor there will help you.

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    morning ailment lasted approximately four and a part months, i've migraine complications and pregnancy made them worse and the farther alongside i am getting the more serious they get, again anguish that began approximately 6 and a part to 7 months into the being pregnant, my boobs leak began at week 31, being worn out ended via the top of the primary trimester got here again for the period of the final and worse, palms and ft swelling began within the final trimester, sleepless nights do not don't forget while that began nevertheless it certain does not finish, peeing non give up which is not any amusing and simplest will get worse, i might cross on and on and on however i wont lol no less than i did not get temper swings however they are saying that is considering im bipolar and feature anger problems so temper swings did not have an impact on me because im obviously moody besides, well good fortune im at the first and final little one my being pregnant has been depressing i caraved chinese language meals for decades along side highly spiced meals that the little one hated incidentally via my cravings died down earlier than the final trimester

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    You must speak to the MD. who prescribed the med. now as an emergency!!!...or call local ER or 911.

    Some side effects that need emergency medical attention are: hallucinations, nervousness, seeing, hearing or feeling things that are not there, unconsciousness, convulsions (seizures), fast heartbeat, restlessness.

    Google: mayo clinic>>meds>>Zyban

    Source(s): Mental Health Worker
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    I've taken Wellbutrin for years with absolutely none of the side effects you've mentioned. Have you called your doctor's office with this information? They need to know this, so they canhelp you decide what to do.

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    I took wellbutrin for awhile and had no side effects other than making me sleepy.

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