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How do i create a torrent file for a file that i own so i can share it?

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    With uTorrent, (,/ it is very easy to create one.

    Just go to File>Create New Torrent (Ctrl+N), and add all the files and information you want. It will create a .torrent file, which you can upload to torrent sites.

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    as said above there are many torrent sites.. I am a member of

    Select make torrent from file in your menu on your torrent program and upload the torrent made to the sharing site (not the file you're sharing though.. just the small torrent). Place the file you're sharing in the folder your torrent program load incomplete downloads from and load the torrent and the program will check it and move it to where you keep your completed downloads.. as long as it is there, it will seed (upload for others) You can select seed torrent when making it, but make sure the file you're making the torrent for is in your download/upload folder so you cn get connections to it.

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    Hi there,

    The number one file sharing program is Emule. Link here

    Try it out

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    Here's how to do it using Demonoid as the tracker. Note that other trackers can vary.

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    I've been trying to find this out myself, will enjoy the answers!

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