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I dropped my phone into the pool and it was under water for like three seconds. Now its apart and im letting it dry but do you have any tips to help it turn back on and be ok? It only needs to live for about one more month.

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    Remove the battery and set it aside, leave the phone open and let it air out. I actually set the phone over a heating vent to let the air help it dry out faster. I have done this twice and once I let the phone completely dry out it still worked. The only change in the phone was the white dot under the battery turned red, this indicates to the cell company that you got it wet...

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    I washed my phone in the washing machine once. This is what I did, and it worked again no problem.

    Take out the battery out and prop it upright (open it up if its a flip phone) in the windowsill (some direct sun) for 2 days. Make sure you don't lie it FLAT (either bottom, side or back), you want it to be upright and tilted at an angle, however you can to make it easy for all the water to run out as quickly and easily as possible. It would be best if you could prop it up with the bottom corner at a point with the least amount of surface area touching the windowsill.

    In 2 days, mine was as good as new.

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    I did the same thing except I didn't know it was in my pocket and I jumped in a pool. It was underwater for about 5 minutes. It didn't work with my battery but I let it air dry for a day and took it to the store and they put in a new battery and it worked. But they ended up sending me a replacement because it would break eventually. take it into your store and talk to them (hopefully you have insurance). Otherwise just get a used or new one on ebay.

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    right i dropped my fone down the loo yerr discusting lol take it apart

    put it on a towl on the radiator overnight put it together the battery and the case n stuff then turn on if no sucsess repete for thast day and the next night if it doesnt work you have probs nakerd fone dont stress to much leave it for a week in bits make sure the battery is out of the fone and it should come round what type of fone is it myn was a soni erricson and it still orks to this day!!! hope this works for you good luk hun

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    heres what you do, take apart every part of the phone that you can snap off (battery, cover, ect) and put all the parts in a small ziplock bag, then fill the bag up with RICE about 1/5 of they way, just let it sit ther for like a day or so, the rice will grab the mosturie.

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    MY son put mine in a glass of Kool aid. Take it apart including battery and wipe everything and leave it all apart but together on a plate in a sunny area of the house for a couple days. it will take that long for everything to dry out. that's why i say SUNNY then put it back together. it should be fine. Let everybody know you are out of service for a couple days in case they call you so they don't think you are shunning them.

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    take the battery out and let it sit (off) over night or the whole day. that happened to me and my phone is ok but some of the phone seems to be blank. an unlocked phone is a phone that is from At&t or t-mobile or watever company that you can use outside of those companys. hope your phones OK P.S. you can also put the phone in rice for the water to be soaked out.

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    yea what christopher g said put it in a bowl of dry rice not cooked just plain rice it takes the moisture out and try blow drying it with the hair thingys blow dryer lol it really works tho .. i did that to my blackberry pearl 2 and it worked.. it may be not working for a few minutes but it will work leave it in for a day

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    i was told htat if you drop your phone into the water is to put it in dry rice, and the rice will soak up all the water, but you have to leave the phone in the rice for a couple of days

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    take a bolw drier and dry it and let it sit in da sun and there should be a dot near the battery if its white then ur ok but if its red then u cant turn it in but if u dry fast enoghf then u will b ok

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