Pros and Cons of being and Older Parent or a Younger parent.?

What are your Pros and Cons of being a Older parent.

What are your pros and cons of being a younger parent.


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    I'm 19 and pregnant, although i think it maybe a bit young, but i dont think theres anything wrong with it, its not for all 19 year olds though, at least ill be able to do everything with my kids, watch them grow up and watch my grandkids grow up x

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    Pros for a younger parent:

    You're child will generally like you on their level; meaning with older parents obviously the children like their parents, but it was a long time ago since they were that age and things have changed. A younger parent has a better chance of understanding exactly what the child is going through etc.

    Younger parents have a longer time span before they can't have kids. That means not only can they have a bigger family, but they can be both the young and the old parent.


    Younger parents are inexperienced with life - they can't give the strong and good advice an older parent can.

    What if you haven't found the right partner? You don't have long to find someone you can envision an old age with. An older parent has had enough time to find someone with which they know they will be with for a very long time.

    Advantages of being an older parent:

    Older parents can give great advice and have had more life experience - even if the younger parent understands the situation, the older parent has a much greater chance of finding a way to put it into words.

    Older parents have permanent jobs and have laready passed the point in their life wherre the next stages are unclear. An older parent has a much reduced chance of suddenyl being unable to provide for the family.

    Cons of being an older parent:

    already mensioned throughout the extended answers of the cons/pros of the younger parent.

    Overall, both have advantages and disasdvantages, but an older parent probably is slightly better for the child.

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    I had my first child when I was 20 and I am now on my next 5 months later, In some cases I don't think there really are difference, I have plenty of patience with my daughter, I am very active with her. I have been to jamaica,cozumel,curacco, puerto rico, miami, st thomas, st marttin, Aruba, savannah, and many other places, I did 2 years at college and I have a great job where I make an average $80.00 an hour I work. I love my fiance. I partied, got into trouble, have worked, I have lived enough of an alone life and had more expiriences than a lot of people ever have. I don't think anything applies to everyone. I never wanted to be an older parent ever, I personally think younger moms make better moms most of the time, not in all cases like if you 15, Just like some younger moms are terrible moms, but not all. You can't really judge a situation like this because every case is different. Just because you have been married 13 years doesn't mean you will be with that person forever, just because you only know a person for 1 year doesn't mean you won't spend forever with them. It's always different.

    Oh and there is way more a young parent offers than just more energy.

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    ok me mam was 36 wen she had me.

    pros of being older:

    - you have more patience and more experience generaly

    - you have a chance to live a little, spend money and time enjoying yourself, traveling, Clubbing.

    - you also get to do the career thing.

    Cons of being older:

    - you won't have as much energy generaly

    - you might leave it too late

    - your not gonna be as round as long for your kids.

    Pros of being young:

    - you will have tones of energy

    - your body recovers quicker

    cons of bring young:

    - not so much money, or usually earn less money

    - you mught want to go out but will have to spend your money on the kid.

    although there are cons to both there are pros as well. i think most people know when the time is right for them. i know my mam said she was pleased she waited because she would'nt have been ready to settle down and did'nt want to resent us for that. where as my auntie had her son very young and now shes 45 she wants to do all the things she did'nt have the money to do when she was younger I.E. like clubbing and to be honest she looks silly. like a say though the time is different for everyone.

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    I was 21 and had my third. The drawbacks are that I lost my young years totally.

    The good thing about it is they're middle aged now and really good friends also the last one left home when I was 39 so I then began to enjoy life.

    I don't know what I'd select if I could do it all again.

    If you have them when older, you've had a good young/fun life but you'll be 'tied' later on.

    A friend of mine had the fourth baby at 42, the youngest of her other three was 17 at the time. The newby is now 24 a pain in the neck drugs/booze/violent when boozed up. Still living at home and bullies his parents. They are in their sixties and should be having a great life cruising etc but can't

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    I am 21 year old mother to a 23month old girl and I don't like this question because people are making assumptions if you are not or never was a young parent then you don't know how it is. I am a young mother who is married to a wonderful man who is a soldier in the us army, we have our own money, financially stable, well educated, my daughter is extremely smart for her age, we live on our own. I say all this because I may not have lived as long a middle-aged mother but that doesn't mean I'm not wise or I don't hold my own because I have more than what the average middle-aged mother from where I'm from(Jersey) has they wish their life was as fulfilled as mine

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    I had two children in my early twenties and two in my thirties. I was a much better parent second time around - more patient, wiser, less irritable, more stable financially and emotionally. More confident.

    I think it depends on you and your own background, and temperement. I came from a very bad background and my parents had very poor parenting skills. I do think parenting skills are learnt from your parents.

    I know that many people will say that younger parents are more active - nonsense.

    I have no need to socialise, my friends and family come first. It's up to each individual when they plan their family.

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    Pros - Financial stability, maturity, career, future conscious, world & community understanding, ability to get higher education in your young, ability to "sow your oats" in your youth, ability to travel and experience in your youth, solid relationship of several years.

    Cons - Less energy than a young person


    Exactly the opposite of above list.

    It's MUCH better to wait. Your child will have more opportunities and you will be a better parent if you grow up yourself first. (Most 19 year olds today are far from grown up, Most 23 year olds today are not grown up either. These are young people who should be enjoying their youth, not raising children. There's plenty of time somewhere after 25 for raising kids.) Having a solid 2-3 year relationship with your mate is also an excellent idea before becoming pregnant.

    Source(s): Superdad of 2 and happily married 12 years
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    Kind of depends on what you define as "younger" and "older", but...

    Pros for having them younger:

    You have more energy

    You are more fertile when you're younger so you should have the easiest time conceiving and the pregnancy will be easier on your body the younger you are (well, as long as you're not TOO's riskier when you're a teenager since your body may not be fully developed yet. But your twenties is, biologically, the "best" and healthiest time to have a baby.)

    Less of a "generation gap" between you and the children. You'll maybe be able to relate to them better when they reach adolescence.

    You'll still be fairly young when your kids grow up and leave home, so you'll have some free time before you get to retirement age

    You'll likely be a younger grandparent, so you'll have more energy to spend time with your grandkids and will be more likely to be able to see them grow up too.

    Cons to having them younger:

    You may be less financially stable. Again, kind of depends on what you define as "young"...but having a baby in your teens, for example, pretty much ensures you and the child will live in poverty. Even during the earlier part of your twenties, you probably won't be in the best financial position for a baby. These days you really need a college degree to adequately support a family.

    May still lack maturity and patience. Your brain doesn't finish developing until you're about 25.

    You're more likely to split with your child's child's father the younger you are. If you both still have some growing up to do, you may end up growing apart as you both mature and change. Having a baby too early can also put a strain on your relationship because of all the stress and the fact that the two of you probably didn't get much time to yourselves to just have fun together, make sure you really love each other, and strengthen your relationship.

    If you're still in high school or college when you have a baby, it's a lot harder and more stressful than it needs to be. Juggling work, school, and a baby is pretty insane.

    May feel like you missed out on things - once you have a baby, you can't go out with your friends whenever you want, be on your own schedule, or go out partying.

    Pros to having them older:

    You have more life experience so you should be more mature and probably a little more patient with children than when you were younger.

    You've likely had time to finish school and start your career, so you should have a better job and be more financially prepared to raise your child.

    You've had enough time to be "selfish" and get all the "partying" out of your system, so less likely to feel like you missed out on anything

    You and your partner have probably had enough time to get to know each other, truly fall in love, and be committed to raising your child together.

    Cons to having them older:

    It may be a little harder to conceive after age 30. Fertility usually declines significantly around 35.

    Risks of pregnancy complications start to go up at 35. By 40, you will be considered a "high risk" pregnancy.

    You may find it more tiring the older you are.

    May be more of a generation gap between you and your kids.

    You'll still have teenagers in your house when you're in your 50s, or maybe even 60s.

    You'll be an older grandparent and may not live to see your grandchildren grow up.

  • I was 21 when I had my daughter and had loads of energy, time, love and patience.

    I do not believe that just because you are older means you have more patience etc. That depends on the mother thmselves

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    i think being an older parent means you have more life experience but being a younger parent isn't bad either! you can be more of a friend to them than a parent as you will understand what they will be going through as you wont be that much older than them really! hope that makes sense!!

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