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Lilyta asked in Social ScienceGender Studies · 1 decade ago

Why can’t men look at women as how women look at men?

We do sometimes stare, but we don’t STARE at guys as how the guys do.

We can easily have guys as buddies but many guys hardly to do so as they tend to fall for the girl; difference is whether they

admit or not. (especially if the girl is pretty)

We don’t scrutinize every inch of men’s body, sexually

Once we’re in love, we can hardly find any other guys that good looking as how guys can easily notice other women although they’re already attached.

We don’t interpret every of men’s part with certain meanings (sexually)

We don’t rape guys

Our face ways differently appealed than the men; that when we wear make-ups, we look more attractive with it but guys will look WEIRD to have so.

Noticing all these differences, why can't men look at women as how women look at men………………?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Because men are corrupted by evil. Actually all humans are and that is why women (strippers, porn stars, prostitutes) etc.. indulge men. All humans are sinners. But yes it would be interesting if men could look at women as people and not sex objects what a day that would be. I hope I live to see it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its Cause were the more aggressive gender. We get to the point and we check out who were interested in. Its the whole evolutionary thing coming into play. We are more of a multimate setup and woman are more of a single mate setup. That how we are able to keep on lookin. Plus the women we like stay the same age but we keep on aging.

    Rape does happen with Women but no as much as vice versa.

    When we are friends with a girl (esp an attractive girl) we always will go for the opportunity to lay the pipe if given other wise if she ugly then were just gonna be friends. I wouldnt say fall in love.

    Men are more visual then women so physical looks matter much more for us then you girls.

    End over end, we just built different then you. And our goals can be very different then yours thus leading to misunderstandings and misconceptions.

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  • Tara
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    The user interface went from DOS, a command line based interaction, to Windows a mouse driven graphic representation, so Graphical User Interface [GUI] means just that... ...In a slightly different context, you have us humans and the way we communicate with eyes as the primary organ of sense, and which rely heavily upon light providing decent illumination - so we are solar users by default, and the world, our existence, is the Solar User Interface. It is completely normal to seek every possible aspect of every unknown and use the brain to reconcile it with rationale, to feel right in oneself and settle with the facts, it has given rise to 'The News' in this world and that is international, a global reporting tool, so with the means of communicating and corresponding comes the understanding of what is good, right, healthy, desirable - People then, are connecting with a purpose and add their voice to all this as they too are viewed and regarded along those simple lines - hunk/bloke, stunner/fishwife...., it's regular human behaviour - but if it cheeses you off, that's not abnormal, it's repetition twanging the receptors in your brain for the 'nth time. All you really need there is a way to say you're not up for that kind of chat [at present], without seeming like you don't want to talk at all...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Noticing all these differences......?

    I am not prepared ever to live in a world where everyone is like everyone. Everyone likes everyone, sees like everyone, thinks like everyone. That is the definition of hell on earth.

    I enjoy watching people behave, act and think in different ways. That is how mankind has evolved and we have passed the dark ages.

    Secondly, why should men be like women? Men have for thousands of years accepted that women like flowers, and flowery words. We are ready to give it although its not our nature. Men like to feel intimacy physically and still after all these years women have problem with that. Its a two way street.

    Neway, I have never felt guilty in watching and acknowledging beauty or physic. Why the hell should I go and change my mind into something else?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because our brains are physically different.

    Men have evolved to mate with as many partners as possible. We can reign in those desires, but they are there.

    Women have a very strong urge to mate as well, but only with the _best_ candidates.

    Testosterone is the main driver in how our sex drives work differently. If you read reports of women on testosterone boosters (even up to only 1/3rd or so of a man's level) they describe their libido going through the roof.

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  • Honey
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Good question. In some ways you're right.

    All of what you said don't apply and/or isn't possible, tho. For instance, guy don't just stare at women who are pretty. Women who have great bodies but aren't facially pretty, get stared at too. The only thing to stare at on a guy is his "package", his hindparts, or his muscles. None of those things are stare worthy. However, guys who are really attractive (like, let's say Christian Bale or Tyson Beckford) would get stared at too.

    I've had guys who were nothing more than a friend- guys who were attracted to me or vice versa but whose personality may not have clicked with mine in a relationship. From platonic relationship with guys, I've learned that girls/women want and try to make more of the relationship than just a friendship quite often. The difference there is that if the guy says no, he's labeled a player or gay, when in reality he just may not want to be in a relationship and prefers to remain friends.

    I'm married and is deeply in love with my husband. Yet, I still find other men (and women) very attractive and will comment on them- probably moreso than my husband does. Love don't make you blind, well for some people it might, but it's not really common. I think women just don't vocalize it as much as men do.

    Women don't rape guys because they can't. You can force a man to get his "thing" up if he doesn't want to. Another guy can sodomize that guy but a woman can't because she has to rely on that guy being aroused enough to enter her. Trying to force a soft d**k in, is almost impossible. To do so, the guy would have to have a really small d**k and the female would have to have really large hole.

    Oh, and finally.. yeah women do scrutinze men physically. I've heard plenty of women say that their man was too skinny or was too fat or had a small or flacid d**k. On the contrary, a man who wants to get laid could care less about how big the girl's breasts/@$$/hips was if he thought he could score.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Incredibly complex question so this is only a very brief answer:

    1 - Nature - men attempting to spread their offspring as widely as possible i.e. as many women as possible. Women need to find the best partner to create the best offspring and look after it so they are more selective.

    2 - Nurture - Most western society treats men and women differently. It is generally acceptable for a man to have multiple sexual partners whereas it is often not for a woman. Similarly it is only society that states men shouldnt wear makeup and women should. Society reinforces these boundaries and traits.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Biology! Stop and think for a minute of basic human nature. Though civilization is to be considered somewhat "civilized", we are all what we are. Human beings still look for a mate as our ancient ancestors did. For example, women look for strength and security in a man to support her and future children. Thats my take on the subject. Have a great day.

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  • 1 decade ago

    because humanity is a branch of the tree of evolution. look at most species of male animals, preferably mammals as they are closer in relation than say reptiles. many, but not all social mammal species, have the male sex frequently mating with many others of the same species, as its sort of programmed into their behavioral patterns for them to spread their genetic information as much as possible. its a part of evolution really, males are just seeking out what they have been programmed to do. we cant control it, some unfortunately take it further than others, truth being the sexes behave differently as much a generalization as it is. the problems stem from when we try to limit one another based on those differences. the problem with some of the views your perpetuating, is you seem to forget some women to those things exactly. you cant have an exact mold for men just like you cant have the same mold for women, an that turns your comment into sexism. feminism really is only the mirror reflection of anti feminism. whatever happened to being moderate and reasonable?

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  • 1 decade ago

    simple. men are a attracted to your average woman, while women find your average guy repulsive.

    and women DO stare at guys like guys stare at women. and it's so acceptible when they do it whereas when a guy does it, he gets called a creep unless he's cute.

    women DO scrutinize every inch of a man's body sexually.

    women DO fall for other guys when they're in love with a guy.

    women don't rape guys only because they can always find guys who are willing to have sex with them. and actually, women DO get themselves into a lot of trouble just so they can have sex with cute guys. haven't you heard about all those teachers who have affairs with their students? if they'd resort to that, i'm pretty sure they'd resort to rape too if they had to...

    if a guy is cute, a woman does not look at him like she looks at your average man. but most men do not fall into the cute category. so women tend to not look at them as sexually as they look at women.

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