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In the ending of the Dark Knight, does Harvey Dent die?

I know Harvey Dent falls a couple stories, but so does Batman, and the Batman lives, so is he like in some private jail, or insane asylum, and the public doesn't know about it?

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    Whose to know if he truly did die?! That's a good question. Two-face is one of Batman's all time enemies and I expected him to last much longer and have him in the third installment of the franchise. Whose to know?

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    He is probably still alive because he only spent a few minutes as two-face in the movie, and hasn't yet been able to develop enough as a character for the writers to kill him out of the story. It wouldn't make much sense for the writers to show the birth of one of the major super-villains, and then have him die before he causes any real mayhem. Also, in the movie he only falls a couple of stories to the ground. He doesn't get definitively killed, so it seems like they were leaving it open for him to return in the next film. As for the funeral, Batman and Gary Oldman's character explicitly state that they are going to pretend that Harvey Dent died as a good guy in order to preserve his reputation. (i.e. the death of Harvey Dent marking the birth of Two-Face)

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    Harvey Dent dies, but Twoface is born and is most likely still alive. It wasn't made totally clear.

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    Yeah, I think he died. But (considering they simply can't make a joker as good as heath, and thats no longer an option) they might bring him back or change what they were origionally planning for a sequel because he was a pretty good two face ^_^ It hought he did a great job.

    ~The Otaku Twins~

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    How can he, when he is Two Face?

    Two Face is played by Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever.

    As the Dark Knight is a prequel, I would believe that he survives.

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    i love that movie yes harvey dent dies. batman didnt die becuz hes batman.

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    yes, harvey dent died.

    they shouldnt have killed him in the movie though, he could have been a great villain if they made another batman. :)

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    it looked to me like Two Face died in the movie, i Think he is dead.

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    Yep, hes dead! =3

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    ya he dies. tre sad...

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