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BMX or Mountain Bike?

What kind of bike is best to get for just going on roads and grass and going fast, Mountain bike or BMX?

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    Mountain bikes have multiple gears. BMX is a one speed.

    For going fast, multiple gears is the way to go. Therefore, look at mountain bikes. Suspension also allows you to go faster over nasty terrain. BMX bikes are meant to be ridden out of the saddle. Try riding off road for 10 to 20 miles out of the saddle with no suspension. With a mountain bike, this becomes an enjoyable day of riding.

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    A BMX is not really a fast bike unless you are on a BMX track or going down a hill, it is not geared for normal off road stuff and has no suspension - you mainly stand up and just pedal like stink!

    However, for just going on roads and grass a full MB is a bit heavy going, ask your local bike shop what they would recommend for your needs, there are lots of different bike to choose from.

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    I ride both, and if you just want to ride around on flat land, it would actually be best to buy a cruiser bike. A BMX may be cheaper then a cruiser bike tho, and you can just raise the seat up high enough so it duznt stretch your legs even when you are sitting, but you cant' really do tricks comferatably then. Mounatain bikes are definitely best if you are going offroad, but still better then BMX bikes over mostly flat land that still has bumps. Overall, mounatin bikes are best to me becuz you can go offroad or ride on flat land. but best for flat land are cruiser bikes, and BMX next. Hope this helps you choose now :D

  • for fun i chose a mountain bike as they are quick and more designed to tackle rough terrain but i had problems with the gears and derralieur so i bought a new bmx bike and i am quite happy because they are lightweight strong and quite quick it generally depends on what purpose u are buying for buy bmx are hassle free but mountain bikes are cool. in your situation of going on grass and road quick i qould choose a dirt/jump moutain bike they cost about $400 or 300 pounds

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  • id say mountain bike as you can select suitable gear for your circumstances and also they are more hard wearing ....but if you plan on trying tricks ect then bmx would be more suited to your needs

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    I used to ride bmx, and switched to mountain. They go faster, much.

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    definitely BMX

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    BMX but not for distance

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    Mountain much better

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    mountain bike for sure, more gears, bigger tires


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