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Can a cell phone be fixed after be dropped into water briefly?

LOL No no, it was not me. A new roommate dropped his cell into some water. Just curious if it can be saved. He let it dry overnight and there is power, but he can not call out or receive any calls.

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    yea, what the first answerer said, and we know it was you

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    If he was smart enough to remove the battery as soon as he got it out of the water it might have been saved. Water and electricity do not mix well. Improper voltages would have been sent everywhere in the phone. I have seen them work again though. My friend dropped his in He got it out..removed the battery and immediately flushed it out with warm water to remove the paint. Let it dry for a couple of days and it works fine. It depends on how you handle the situation.

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    Let the battery air dry. Keep the back cover off of the phone and let any extra water drain out

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    Well this happened with a cordless and dropped in the commode .. I took the battery out and let it dry.. and it worked . not sure about a cell.. when i pee now i make sure my cell isnt around the water..He might have to take it in to the cell phone service place.

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    take the battery out of the phone and let it dry for minimum 3 days. make sure on the back of the phone that there aren't red dots. if there are red dots, the phone is damaged.

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    Like everybody said~take the battery out, and let it air dry for several days...

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    Maybe it is not completely dry. I have heard of them working after a good dousing in water.

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    lets see........

    what is the differnece between jumping in the pool and quickly getting out or jumping in and sitting htere for a while.. u r still the same wet when u get out

    so ur phone is screwed

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    My man dropped his in the ocean once & he took it home, took it apart & dried it with a hair dryer! It still works! Good luck!

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    funny story ... my hubby works and keeps his cell in coverall pocket/ and one day as he was in bthroom it fell in the toilet , haha . end of cell , had to get a new one . crazy hey ? take care .

    he did grab it fast , but alas the toilet won , haha.

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    take the battery out and let it air dry

    usually they work again

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