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Why would Obama buy ads for the Olympics when China is bulldozing homes for the games?

Obama is buying ads to help his campaign

Why would people go to the Olympics in China when they are tearing down their own people's homes for it?

I couldn't believe it when I saw this on the news. Some would go to work and come home to no home. Just to make the Olympics beautiful for the world to see. This is how they show off their country. The screams and crying were unbearable to me.

Update 2:

America has never just suddenly done this, there is always ample warning. And we do not beat them them.

Update 3:

Okay now I am getting off my high horse lol. I forgot about us too much. I helped fight against the new eminent domain laws here. Me Bad..

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    no more like I'm bothered with his hypocrisy.

    He called Bush and others to boycott Olympics ceremonies and now he took 5 million ads.

    I said it before and I said it again:


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    i imagine those countries could attend the video games, regardless of the actual undeniable actuality that I agree that China has various blood on its hands. right it truly is why: get entry to to non-valid factors of view is mostly no longer plausible interior China. The video games grant a good probability for chinese human beings to work out and talk with human beings from global. The video games are going to happen with or without some international places' attendance. for this reason, the damaging impact of a boycott is minimum. it may make you experience more beneficial, in spite of the indisputable fact that that is going to do no longer something yet toughen China's inner hegemony. ultimately, we tried a boycott in the previous, adverse to the U.S.. did not do something, from what I bear in mind, except damage the hearts of yankee athletes.

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    That's great that you're concerned about human rights abuses in China. However, this has been going on for decades and bulldozing houses for the Olympics is just the tip of the iceberg. I also think, that despite your good intentions, you're a little misled about which party has taken which side on this issue.

    This really started becoming a hot topic issue back in the 90's during Clinton's presidency. At the time, human rights groups were becoming very vocal about China's human rights absues. President Clinton at the time decided to impose economic sactions on the Chinese government to punish them for these abuses. However, Republicans at the time screamed bloody murder and complained that humans rights and trade should not be linked. By banding together a coalition of Republican politicians and corporate lobbyists, Republicans convinced the American public that the US has no business policing China and getting involved in their human rights abuses, and that were Clinton's proposed punishments to be approved, we would lose billions of dollars in trade and American jobs. (Untrue, btw). Anyways, despite his best intentions, Clinton has no choice but to approve the Repulican congress' legislation granting China MFN status, as it was obvious that even if it were vetoed, it would have still been approved by the 2/3 majority. He did however attempt to impose a code of conduct for American businesses operating in China that would have prevented them from doing business with some of the worst human rights violators, however, this too was struck down by the Republicans who complained that it was an unnecessary restriction on free trade. Fast forward a decade, and not only have Bush and the Republicans continued China's MFN status, but they have even further supported this evil government by granting them billions in business contracts and trade policies that blatantly favor Chinese businesses that commit some of the worst violations (forced abortions of sweatshop workers, forced amphetimine injections, etc).

    If you care at all about these important issues, then I hope you'll see that bashing our Democratic candidate who is running for the only party which has shown any concern over these abuses is not the right way to go. You seem like a nice person, and I'm sure you'll make the right choice.

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    OMG you people are delusional! Check out Chavez Ravine in Los Angeles, current home of Dodger Stadium. Also check out the history of the ground under the Harbor Freeway in LA. What a dolt!

    Check out ALL construction in occupied areas of ALL cities , and you'll find some tears when the old goes and the new is built. I hope you aren't silly enough to believe that the who were moved out were somehow "disposed of" or are sleeping in the middle of the street? You really aren't THAT silly are you?? I bet you they have new homes, just like when China built that big dam. You can't make all the people happy all the time.

    There are PLENTY of legitimate reasons to dislike Obama, stick to those.

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    Newflash, honey. China has been commiting human rights abuses for years. Yet Bush and the Republicans have refused to stop enriching the Chinese government commiting these abuses. In fact, they even continue to grant China "Most Favored Nation" status and grant them billions of dollars every year with their trade policies. The only people who have given a damn about this or tried to do anything about it are the Democrats. Furthermore, Obama's ad time was purchased from NBC, an American corporation, and has nothing to do with the Chinese government.

    So by your logic, running an ad during the Olympics, which airs only in the US and has nothing to do with China, is worse than making friends with the government commiting these abuses and then providing them with billions and billions of dollars?

    You are so confused, it's sad.

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    they are doing what we do also

    its called emanate domain and we have been doing it for our whole time as a country

    the hell we haven't , read up on the railroads,

    When the railroads and many of the nation's highways were built, landowners were sometimes told that their properties were condemned and they had to go to court if they wanted "just compensation."

    First, state and local governments condemned slums, then blighted areas, then not very blighted areas, and now perfectly fine areas, and not just in Connecticut.

    In Lakewood, Ohio, for example, a whole neighborhood of colonial homes was recently deemed "blighted" because the backyards were too small and the homes didn't have two-car garages.

    In the past five years, both state and local governments have taken or threatened to take more than 10,000 homes and small businesses to turn them over to private developers, according to a report compiled by the conservative Institute for Justice in Washington, D.C.

    Too many of the "big box" retailers in need of a vast swath of land are urging cities to condemn property to serve their own interests, and donating large sums to local officials to help with the effort. Tax breaks don't seem to be enough!

    Even an eventual victory in preventing condemnation of property takes its toll; it forces somebody to live for years with the threat of having his property unjustly taken away. It has become an accepted part of the process that a private developer can pay for a study showing the property is worthy of condemnation, and can even pay the attorneys' fees involved in a seizing of land.

    Often the effect — and usually the intended effect — is that people will sell "voluntarily." Although most states require that "just compensation" be paid for the land, this often doesn't take into account the difference between what the city determines is fair market value and the property's open-market value

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    The money doesn't go to China.

    Edit: America does this all the time, and without a lot of warning. When the gov decides to build rails and municipal buildings, businesses are taken down. There's not much of a difference.

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    because billions of people watch the olympics. how great would it be to have 1 billion people see

    OBAMA '08


    personally I will be at the toilet vomiting when that happens, although I have already decided not to watch the olympics due to the fact it's in china anyways...

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    America does do this, sorry.

    We don't just do this to our people, we do it to foreigners as well.

    Iraq, Afghanistan, about all of those civilians that lost their homes?

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    Like the United States doesn't do the same thing--check out the new DC baseball stadium.

    Ever hear of eminent domain?

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