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I'm 13 and got caught shoplifting a Nintendo Ds from Nebraska Furniture Mart?

This is my FIRST OFFENCE Im so scared they took me to the back room and called the police took my info down and my picture they cuffed me and took me to JIC to get finger printed and my picture taken I apologized to the manager he seemed like a nice guy im thinking about writing a letter of how sorry i am about i just want to know what going to happen to me and since im afro-american they are going to hit me the hardest possible for a first offence.

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    Even better than writing a letter, call the store and find out when the general manager will be working, schedule an appointment with him or her and give them a sincere face to face apology. That will show them that you have the balls to admit your wrondoing.

    In the future, give ponderance to the idea that if you continue shoplifting, it can lead to more burglary and other theft that could get you tossed in jail, or get you killed...

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    Since your Afo-American should not give you any special privileges in the crime that you had committed, from stealing a hand held game system!! You did the crime, so do your time, and never do it again, and let this be a lesson learned type of situation!! You better be glad that your parents has not taken away your computer privileges from you for your actions!!

    Your still young and didn’t know better at the time, but I bet now that you got caught that you know better not to steal anymore, and your skin color is not going to matter, it’s the way you carry your self that will determine what happens to you!! That would be noble of you to write an apology letter to the stores manager!! The manager will see that you have a good reasonable personality about your self!! Good luck to you!!

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    Isn't it fascinating how youngsters these days try and convince adults that they are mature and responsible and claim to be adults themselves when they are clearly not and then when everything goes wrong and they've made a huge mistake, they want their parents to bail them out and suddenly admit that they are minors. That's right! You ARE a minor and Mommy and Daddy HAVE to be told. They will whether you like it or not. The longer you carry on lying and behaving irresponsibly, the longer this is going to drag out and affect your future in the long term. I would tell your Mom and Dad EVERYTING. They should help you get out of this situation. I would do all I could to redeem myself if I was you. Accept any punishment that comes your way and if possible write a letter of apology to the store that you attempted to steal from. Once the situation is over and you have thoroughly learned from your mistake, go back to school, get your head down and getsome qualifications and stop trying to be the adult you clearly are NOT!!!!

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    well frist you need to figure out way you STOLE the game

    #2 this is your frist offense but still they may put you on Probation of awhile how long will be up to the judge. But it will also depend upon the store's Owner ( Not the Manger) on what else might happen Plus the Lawyer's so in other word's you might be in for a long ride or maybe just a SLAP on the Hand

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    since this is your first offense what will more then likely happen is you will go to court to plead either guilty or not guilty, then if you plead guilty you will not ever be able to go to that store again. second the judge will more then likely have you write an apology letter to the manager along with making you do so many service hours or volunteer hours in your community. then if you don't get into trouble with the law again your record will be wiped out when you turn 18. this is what happened to my 16 year old daughter!!!

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    I think writing a letter of apology to the store would be a good thing, and give proof that you really are sorry , if you are sorry for stealing, and not just for getting caught. you also owe your family an apology. and you do deserve to be punished. you should have known better at a younger age that stealing is wrong and it affects everyone not just you and the store.

  • well firstly the fact that you are an afro-american makes NO DIFFERENCE TO ME..

    the thing is YOU did the wrong thing .. so you should know better and because you did the wrong thing you will have to pay the penalty WHATEVER IT IS.....

    If YOU think that you're going to cop a harder rap because you are an Afro-American .. well you were an AFRO-AMERICAN BEFORE YOU MADE THE DECISION TO CARRY OUT A CRIMINAL ACT .. so you should have taken that into account BEFORE you broke the law...

    NOW ...write your letter of appology .. and make a pledge to yourself NEVER to do something so stupid again....

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    It's okay, they won't send you to jail or anything. You might get some form of juvenile probation and community service. I hope this teaches you something, though. You sound like a good kid. Do something positive with your life, and cut out the dumb stuff, because if you do it again they might not let you off easily.

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    First off, do not play the race card. Take responsibility for YOUR action which was to attempt to take something from a store, which you had not paid for.

    That being said, you will most likely get community service since this is your first offense.

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    Get over it..its a juvenile arrest..its out ur record when ur 18 and first offence u will get probation..Stop stressing its nothing hat will ever affect u in the future

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