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my partner and i like the name Harry but thats our dogs name.?

Would it be stupid to call our baby harry when thats our dogs name what about Harrison and Harry for short please let me know what you think.


very interesting at what people have said we call Harry, haz for short. lol and the other names you have suggested are quite funny because my partner when he was growing up has a dog called harley, my aunty and uncle had a dog named henry and my name is eliza i would always get theres a hole in the bucket dear eliza now fix it dear henry and jack is my ex boyfriends name hehe.

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    But to be honest its a little weird to name ur kid that after having a dog with that name lol =p

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    Honestly, I've used names that I would name my children on animals before. I've had a cat named Alice and Alice has been my top name for a daughter for least 4 years now. So it really just doesn't bother me at all that you want to use your dogs name.

    Harry isn't a terrible name and it's not a dog name, so it's not "abuse" to name your son that if you really love it. If it was Rocket or Skipper I'd have a problem, but Harry is fine.

    It would be best to go with Harrison with the nickname of Harry so it isn't exactly the same as the dog.

    If you worry too much about it, tell people you named the dog after the baby and not the other way around. Or just use Harrison when people are around.

    If you do have other names that you would place above Harry, go ahead and consider using a different one. But if you're set on Harrison and both of you love it, use it and don't worry about it.

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    Hermione is a very old name.. nobody took notice of it before only became trendy again since ''Hermione'' the female heroine in ""Harry Potter'' but it's hard to pronounce it properly and even hard write without making mistakes.. It is the child but also that of your partner so you should discuss baby names and try come to a mutually satisfactory solution, - meaning come up with a name you both like's not worth the fighting and 10 years from now.. the name will be old fashioned again...Just look at all the baby names from A to Z and you are bound to find something nice...good luck!

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    That's really funny! There have been names that I've not named my pets because I was saving them for a baby so I totally understand! Anyway, it's not weird! You obviously like the name and that's why you named your beloved pet Harry. Plus there are such common names out there and that to me is a little more old school and refined. I also really love the name Henry and maybe that's a good alternative if you find that you just can't bear having that name association in the end. : )

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    If you love the name Harry, who cares if it's the dogs name? Your child will live a lot longer than the dog, and your childs friends won't know what the dogs name is. I don't think it would be stupid at all.

    I really like Harrison for the name and Harry for the nickname.

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    i don't see a problem. you love the dog ? name the baby Henry or Harrison. people named Henry often get called harry. Not to be cruel but the dog wont live forever.

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    Yea I think that may be too much. What about naming him Harley. I think that's a nice name, and you still can call him Harry if you want. Harrison reminds me too much of Harrison Ford. If you want your sons name to be Harry then what about Harley Harrison or have Harry as the middle name.

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    I think it would be VERY confusing for both your baby AND your dog if they have the same name! What if you yell at the dog for being bad? your son will cry! If you really wanted Harry for your bub maybe you shouldn't have used it for the dog :D Maybe you can change the dogs name :)

    I do kinda know how you feel though - We called our dog Molly cos we both like the name but it sounds silly with our last name lol

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    Trust me in school that child will be teased ans teased, about

    being named with the same name as there dog, even if its

    there nickname! Harrison, actually means, son of harry, lmao,

    so that still wouldn`t be a good name.You could try these


    Henry = meaning, ruler of the house

    Harvey, = eager for battle; strong worthy

    Harley - army medow

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    I think Harrison isn't that bad of a name but I would probably come up with some sort of different nickname seeing as it is your dogs name and I do think that wouldn't be too nifty for your son to grow up and everytime you call out "Harry come here" he is going to have to reply "me or the dog??"

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    Depends on how old the dog is? If the dog is brand new - change the dogs name, if the dog is old and about to die (sorry), name your son Harry. If the dog is normal age though and your son will grow up with him, I would use another name for your son. What about Oscar? Or Jack?

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