grand theft auto 4, when do you get better clothes and how can you get tons of money in a short time.?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In GTA 4 you will be able to get better clothes when you are on the 2nd Island, I have not found any clothes shops on the 3rd Island, but if you go to the Statue of Liberty and walk near the near entrance there is sweater on the floor, you will some times be awarded different clothes to do different misson, like when you have to work for as bin collector and these will stay in your wardrobe for you to use at anytime.

    To make money in a short time I have not really found away my best advice is keep doing the missions not the sub mission where you phone for work but the missions on the map. As the game progresses your pay level increases for the jobs you do and soon you will be charging a minimum of £5,000 for hitman jobs etc, if you do the bank job you get around £250,000 which is loads of money as you dont have to buy cars you can steal them etc, Just spend your hard earned cash on taking your friends out and your girl friend, If you get a good friendship with your firends then you will get discounted goods like Lil Jacob will give you money of guns.

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    You get better clothes after a few missions & money is nothing because there are cheats.

  • Had it done it way over hyped traded it in while it was still worth something

  • 1 decade ago

    CHEATS!!! :D search cheats for gta IV its the top one, it pwns!!!! :D:D

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    when you beat the game, its so boring and the ending is gayyyy, lol i would just stop playing it

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