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how do i make my dog fetch when i trow the ball it gets the ball and dosent give it back?

how do i get my dog to fetch when i trow the ball it gets the ball and dosent give it back.

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    Rewards. Give him a treat when he does come to you and make him understand you're after the ball.

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    I like to use the two toy method:

    You should have two toys/balls Toss the toy just a short distance away from you (like 5ft) and give a 'fetch' command as the dog picks the toy up. Then, encourage the dog to come back to you by banding at the waist and taking short steps backwards while repeating the fetch command, so the dog has to 'chase you down' to give you the toy. When the dog gets back to you, immediately whip another toy out from behind your back and let the dog see it, but don't let him grab it! Timing is critical here; at the moment you see the dog open his mouth to drop the toy he already has, say your 'out' command, and when the toy falls out of his mouth, throw the toy you have in your hand as you say "good dog !" Pick up the toy he dropped as he goes to get the one you have thrown, and hide IT behind your back. Repeat up to 8 times, and then quit. When you quit, you should have both toys. Go and put them away and only bring them out for practicing fetch.

    After a few days, start saying the 'out' command before showing the dog the toy you have hidden behind your back, and see if he releases the toy he already has on his own. If so, tell him good boy and throw the other toy. If not, then keep practicing where you show him the toy first, for just a little while longer.

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    I had a 4 month old who knew how to bring back his ball and toy puppy,he had a stuffed lil toy puppy and a ball,it was funny,one day my husband just threw the stuffed puppy and said repeatately get the puppy,get the puppy,once he realized he got a treat he kept doing it same as the ball,till we stopped,your dog should of learned by the lab, we haven't had the toy puppy in a while,they stopped selling them,I had 5 or six,they were washed and used all the time, I think by the time he was one,no more toy dog puppies to be found,he is 3 now,but to this day if i ask for the puppy,he'll start looking for it,then I ask for his ball...

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    When you throw the ball does he run after it and put it in his mouth? if so when he has the ball in his mouth, Start praising him like "Good Boy!" Then start clapping or something to get him to come to you and praise him some more. My older sister was trying to teach her dog to fetch but everyting she did wouldn't work, so I tried and got him to fetch and drop it in my hand in less than 10 minutes! If he brings the ball back to you but doesn't wanna drop it in your hand, grab the ball in his mouth and very sternley say "Drop It." And pull it out of his mouth, keep doing this while he returns it until he understands that if he brings the ball back and drops it in your hand, you'll throw it for him again. Hope I helped!

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    Get another ball. Throw ball 1 and when your dog doesn't give it back to you, wave around ball 2 and make sure your dog can see you have another ball. Make happy sounds and get doggie all geeked up and excited to get ball 2 you are holding....then throw it.

    Chances are doggie will either:

    have already dropped ball 1 when you started waving around ball 2, or

    will drop ball 1 it as soon as (s)he starts running for ball 2 you just threw.

    Quickly scoop up ball 1 doggie just dropped and do it all over again!

    Do not try and scoop up ball 1 until doggie has it's back turned and is running after ball 2, I promise you that doggie will lunge for ball 1 it just dropped if you show interest in scooping it up and they are still in range of getting to ball 1 before you can. You will be going yourself to pick up ball 2 while doggie prancing around you playing "Keep away" with ball 1 in it's mouth.

    Doggie thinks: ball in mouth=mine, mine, mine!!!

    Sees ball 2 in your hand=I want, I want, I want!!! Use that against him and he will soon realize it's more fun to chase the ball then keep it away from you.

    Good exercise for both of you, be patient, give lots of praise and have fun!

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    with my dog he would fetch the ball and bring it back just not let go of it, is this the case with your dog?

    well what i did to solve the issue was i taught him "drop it". i would take the ball out of his mouth while saying "drop it" and i'd let it hit the floor then reward him with praise and a small treat. it took about a week of this for him to get into it but it works!

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    Take the ball from him and give him a biscuit.

    He'll catch on quite quickly that releasing the ball is a good thing to do.

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    the first thing you teach is the dog to come. Once he comes then add the ball. Use positive reinforcement ... treats to entice him to give the ball to you. He gives you the ball, you give him the treat.

    Positive reinforcement works wonders when training a pet.

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    I have always wondered how People got there dogs to do that cuz mine never did. Just recently i went to an open house and they had a GSD and a GSD mix and they brought the ball back and i just kept throwing it amazed at how they brought it back and i didn't have to chase them.

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