Did Harvey Dent die at the end of the Dark Knight?

It appears that he may have died but I am not sure, what do you think?

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    I saw the batman movie last night and pondered through the same question. From what I put together, he's not really dead. I think batman and gordan put dent in arkham and just told everyone he is dead because they dont want the public to know the real truth of what harvey has turned into. I also thought for sure that the joker was gonna die at the end when batman threw him off but was suprised that batman caught him at the last minute. I thought the scarecrow looked awesome and how he looked a bit different and more stoned looking but it was the same actor. I was a bit dissapointed with the film though but I hope everyone else liked it. That is what I thought of what happened to harvey.

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    Harvey Dent In Dark Knight

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    Yes, he did die according to wikipedia on their entry in The Dark Knight. Which explains his funeral and the whole idea of Batman becoming pursued by the authorities. Towards the end, Batman and Gordon agree to blame the murders Harvey commited on Batman, and why Gordon is breaking the Bat-signal. Batman quotes "set the dogs on me" because the whole idea is that Harvey Dent was Gotham's shining light in the darkness, and the Joker succeeded in corrupting him, but they refused to allow the people of Gotham lose hope and believe that, so instead of a villan they portrayed him as a hero. I originally thought he was unconscious until reading up. I thoguht Batman's quote "Set the dogs on me" and how he'll be Gotham's hero at a time when they don't want him, the protector, the dark knight.

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    Nope, any time the filmmakers leave it open ended like that he's not dead.

    They are going to play it off like Harvey Dent never survived the burning and he can reign the streets as two face without anyone really knowing it was Harvey Dent.

    Just my opinion, and that's the closest thing they can make it out too if they wanna relate it to the comic books.

    Then again Ratchel Dawes isn't even in the comic books.

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    you cant really say that hes dead for sure yet but if he was then that wouldnt leave much for the next movie, and there has the be a next movie, they are making too much money off of batman to stop. I dont beleive harvey is dead because his storyline is just beginning and im sure the joker will probably be in later films(sadly it wont be the same actor)

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    Honestly I believe he is alive, Batman and Gordon might of said he was dead just to cover up the fact joker corrupted the one gotham put all their trust in. He most likely is is arkham with the joker leaving them to be in the new film. Look how small the fall was when Batman charged at dent, it was to low to kill a man.

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    guessing that he didn't because Batman fell the same distance and was fine. the next scene only looks like a memorial service, not a funeral per-say, but we'll have to wait for the next movie to know the truth!

    Source(s): saw the dark knight at 3am
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    I was just wondering the same thing. Apparently Eckhart is signed for the third film so I'd guess no, even though I really thought he was dead.

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