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How different does your favorite band/artist look/sound compared to when they first started?

It had been awhile since I'd listened to "The Carpenter" by Nightwish, so I was listening to it again and I couldn't believe how different it sounded to their stuff being put out today. Tarja's voice actually ......kind of.....annoyed me in some parts. :O (Btw, the male singing in this song is none other than Tuomas). Not to mention how different she looked!

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Older pic (Tarja-era):

Pre-Anette pic:

Post-Anette pic:

They all look so different! :P (And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, skip all that and just answer the original Q, lol).

Pics/songs to prove your point welcome.


Lol Rocco I know. xD I think it started around Once, if you ask me. Then the transformation was complete with DPP. Blargh that eye makeup scares me with him....

Update 2:

Yeah Rocco exactly (before we start to sound too much like "ew he's ugly, therefore his music sucks!"). Lol.

Yay for looking like Keanu Reeves. Not. O_O

Update 3:

Hey Pinstripes, the brunette in the last picture kind of looks like a male version of Sarah Silverman lol.

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