Is graphic design a good profession to get into?

I am going to graduate in May with a BFA and concentration in graphic design. However, I am having second thoughts about going into this field. I have been learning web developement and programming, in my spare time and really think that I might enjoy work in IT or web design. My question is how hard is it to get into a web developement/web design from graphic design degree. Would it be more worth while for me to try to get an entry level job in graphic design firm that does web as well or should I chug on an get an associate degree in web graphic design or IT/web developement? Anyone who has experience in these fields that has any advice for me I am open to suggestions. Thanks!


Also here is a list of some of the software that I know:

-Adobe Creative Suite CS3: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

-Macromedia Studio 8: Flash (and some action script), Dreaweaver, Fireworks

-Programming: (some knowledge) VBasic, QBasic, (beginers knowledge with) JavaScript

-( web developer certified in fundamental knowledge of) HTML, XHTML, and CSS

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    If you are GOOD at graphic design, stay there!

    You can design leaflets, books, cartoons, advertising etc, enjoy it and get well paid.

    If you enjoy doing websites (graphics), stay there! Don't get into coding...

    Designing websites requires TWO skills: graphics and coding. You will find very rarely the two skills in the same person...

    I am a coder. I work with "designers". They make a nice mockup website (a static image in photoshop), then I cut it into pieces and make it WORK in web 2.0 style. The graphic designer gets his/her money for the design, I am paid for the coding.

    Check it is a site that is collecting Graphic Designers and Coders, separately... Has just been launched.

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    As someone with a degree in Graphic Design I would say that if you can find a good job in that field and you enjoy it, take it! They're hard to come by since most people are content to let bad design thrive. Depending on where you live in the world, finding a job as a designer can be very difficult, no matter your portfolio.

    I've found more enjoyment doing web design but without a solid background in web language programming it's been a tough trek. If you think you'll be happier doing web design then see if you can learn on the job or get a degree in it - I'd go for the degree personally.

    Best Wishes!

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    As a senior majoring in Graphic Design, I have enough experience to say that if I'd wanted to be lazy, if I'd wanted everything to be easy, I should have chosen another profession. The short answer is no. Lazy people do not succeed as designers. I think it is funny that people perceive artists and designers as such. It is funny but also frustrating and sad, considering how hard I've worked and how much I've sacrificed.

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