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Is Celtic Magic White Magic or Black Magic??

I have a spell. and NO I am not going to curse anyone. It's a money spell. but I don't want to do any black magic. I guess it's from DJ Conway. I just want a little extra money that is badly needed. It sounds simple and I don't want to cast it and then like some family member dies and leaves me their inherritance. I don't want it that bad. But I do want to cast a spell that is white magic. that does not release any evil to anyone.

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    Ok, if you're going to classify magic like that -- which may be a little simplistic -- you have to define your terms. Here are some general definitions that I believe would be fairly commonly accepted:

    "White Magic" is an effort to tap into the power of the universe (ie: magic) in order to commune with the divine or achieve a higher state. Baically it's mystical rituals.

    "Black Magic" is an effort to tap into universal forces in order to cause harm or to control other people.

    "Gray Magic" is an effort to tap into universal forces in order to bring about a specific outcome that you desire, without causing harm or adversely affecting anyone else. .

    We could also define "Phantasmal Magic" as the kind of flashy stuff you see on TV and in movies. Don't expect to encounter anything even close to that in real life!

    Most people who dabble in magic do spells that can be considered Gray Magic, such as the one you're talking about. Very few actually practice the white or black varieties.

    Anyway, if you're concerned about possible unanticipated results from a magical working, consider using some kind of divination technique beforehand (runes, tarot cards, i-ching, etc.). Ask "what might be the result if I did x," and see what the runes (or cards, etc.) tell you. Consider whether you're willing to live with those ramifications. Also consider Karma, or the Wiccan Law of Threes -- bringing "negative" things into the world will probably come back to haunt you in some way.

    Don't be afraid to go ahead and try the spell. You'd be surprised how much power you have to manipulate events around you (though typically when things work out as you want them, it seems totally natural).

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    The ONLY difference is in the perspective of the person describing it. Magic is magic. It all comes from the same source. The same forces that are used to bless can be used to curse. I suppose the most simplistic definition would be that it all comes down to intent, but even that is not even close to being accurate. People spend far too much time niggling over black and white magic and not enough actually doing something. A colleague of mine once said, "The difference between black and whit magic is that black magic is anything that actually achieves a result, white magic is everything else." I like that description. Magic is. Use it. There is no black or white, those are aritficial distinctions created by people that have a need to feel morally superior to others.

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    Celtic Magic

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    magic is magic...there is no color correction associated with it nor is it skittle-ized for a tasty rainbow flavor.

    Magic is a tool, like a shovel, that has a specific role. If you don't know how to use it and you have to ask what it is, you need more education about what it is supossed to be.

    all magic can be described as no color or all color but only when it is tossed in a blended and mixed up does it come out with a color.

    If you are interested in casting and crafting just to cast and craft, you have no business using the magic.

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    Magic isn't white or black, it has no color its energy.It is all dependent on the user's intent.the best spells are the ones you write yourself.I have never used a money spell, nor have I ever read any of Conway's books, so I guess my answers is of real no use to you.'Cept the whole black/white thing.

    you seem to be like a beginner beginner, so i would suggest you do more reading before casting the money spell and the mechanics on how to write your own spells first.

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    Magic is energy. Energy has no color.

    And by your attempt to classify it as "white" or "black", I am assuming you are not well-versed in the mechanics of magic, or the energy work required for casting an effective spell?

    Oh for goodness sake, and apparently answerer #2 is confused as well - the "no spells for personal gain" thing came from the fictional TV show "Charmed". If I am having a bout of insomnia, you can dang well bet I'm casting a peaceful sleep spell for myself so I can get some rest! That has never "backfired" on me.

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    there is no white or black magic, aside from a few spells that i shouldnt name. if your a believer in this stuff, then you should know that money spells usually turn out badly.

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    Magic isn't black nor white, not any color. It's the intent of the person.

    Add to your spell that none be harmed.

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    magic doesn't have a for a spell from somebody they are not as effective as ones you write yourself...also with that in mind if you write your own spell you can specify ways of which you want the money to come to you or options that will open up.

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    You shouldn't be practicing magic if you need to follow a book and don't understand why magic is not considered black or white, How and Why magic works.

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