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betting systems?

are there any genuine,profit making,betting systems around,had usual load rubbish that fail,on horses and football,anything that actually works?

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    Odds in Vegas are set by the gamblers, not by Vegas. This means that when more betters put money on the Yankees, the odds on the Yankees actually increase by the amount of money that is bet.

    So, it doesn't matter whether the Yankees are actually a better team than the Mets, it just matters how many people are putting bets on which particular team. The odds are set accordingly. Frankly, Vegas doesn't care who wins, they just care that there's and even number of betters on each side of the bet. So, they jivvy the odds to make sure that both sides are covered.

    Over thousands of peoples' opinions, the expected outcome is determined. It has proven to be a failsafe system for a long time.

    Now, to answer your question: Is there a system that works. YES. That system is research and hard work. The ignorant masses set the odds. If you can be smarter than the ignorant masses, you can find holes in the odds and find good bets. It's not easy. You have to pick a particular field, say horse racing. You have to know which is the better horse. If you know that your horse is better than the other horse, but the odds say otherwise, then you can win the bet.

    But, I think what you're asking is this: Is there a quick way to make a fast buck in Vegas? To that, the answer is NO.

    I used to count cards in blackjack. I was (still am) good at it. Unfortunately, it's too much work for the payoff. I've chosen to make money by getting a real job. Yes, you can beat blackjack. But it's too much work.

    And, yes, you can beat the sports book odds. But, it's doubtful that you are going to extend the effort needed to over come the odds.

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    Yes, it is possible to make money by using betting systems, and the amount you can make is in proportion to your bankroll.

    Sports betting offers the best opportunity. As one of the other posters noted, the odds are set by the betting action the oddsmakers receive, so the odds do not necessarily reflect the true odds on the favored team winning.

    So is there a betting system that works?

    For Football there are several betting systems that provide a percentage payback over the oddsmakers lines. They work, to a certain extent, again because the general public sets the betting line.

    You can see them here:

    Good luck!

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    I use Irahsik’s betting system and i earn everyday. I play low stakes, but even additional 10-15€ a day is good. This is football betting system and it's very effective.

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    Betting "systems" don't work but there are betting that's more a matter of skill like poker and sports betting that if you're good enough at it you will make money, and plenty of folks do. There's no easy road to this though and no one will sell you this skill for a few bucks.

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    I've used this system personally and I've made over 3 grand in a month. I don't bet on every game and I only bet the amount I'm comfortable with. I haven't lost a game yet. You should look into it.

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    No such thing.

    BEtting industry making billions on the fact that people think they know better.

    If you really know your horses, there can be money to be made, but there's no system or sure fire way, just people who spend hours and hours studying the form, whcih quite frankly would earn you better money if spent working instead.

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    One which will actually work is to place a bet on a evens chance on a roulette table (red,black,odd,even) and if it loses you double your bet on the same outcome and you keep doing this until you get a winner, bear in mind you need a lot of money to do this but if you have the funds and always stop at your first winner you will always walk out of the casino with more than you went in with..

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    My husband has been betting on the horses for god know how long, and no there isnt any systems that work, if there was, he would have found it!, the only winner is the bookie.

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