is guiness good got pregnant ladies??

as i read a baby site which says a glass is ok due to the irons! is this right????


i meant to say, is guiness good for pregnant ladies!! i type to quick & make mistakes! silly me!

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    Yes it is, a glass is more than fine. Make sure it's the proper export Guinness though (the can with the widget) and not the cheaper lagery stuff in a bottle or normal can. It's also excellent for breastfeeding, it encourages milk production - true story! Other real ales will help with milk production too, as long as they're all natural ingredients - just stay away from the cheap every day lagers with preservatives, etc. Even Irishwomen that don't drink will drink Guinness when pregnant and breastfeeding. Don't worry about the anti-alcohol during pregnancy people - of course I'm assuming you're not going to get sloshed every night! My Irish partner insisted I drink it (not that I minded) and I did a fair bit of research - it's not a problem. My 2 girls are both perfect.

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    Times have changed and women are advised not to drink alcohol during pregnancy. However when I was very ill in hospital having my first child in 1980, I was give a glass of Guinness every day to keep my iron levels up. I was unable to take iron tablets or have injections so I was told this was the best way to get Iron. I was in hospital for 7 months and was given this to drink every day.

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    Ideas concerning alcohol and pregnancy are constantly changing, but it's prob best to avoid it just in case.

    Guiness is known to have high levels of Iron, which can become depleted whilst pregnant. However, best sources are still green veg, beans and red meat (although can make constipation worse) and I think you need to consume with Vit C??!!

    If you have low iron you will be prescribed supplements by your doctor.

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    I knew someone who had 4 children and had half a glass every day 2 weeks before her due date, and every time after giving birth she wasnt low in iron and didnt need any iron tablets like the other women on the ward, so i guess its up to you really if you want to have a bit right at the end of your pregnancy to help your iron levels. a little bit wont hurt.

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    a glass not a pint of guiness is ok as is a glass of larger but only in the late stages so that the baby is mostly be aware though that drinking even in later stages of the pregnancy can sometimes affect the baby.just dont over do does mean a glass a night or every second night it means a glass occasionally kk

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    No its an old wives' tale.

    They used to give it to pregnant women many years ago (my grandmother drank it when she was pregnant) as it has a small amount of iron and some very small traces of B-vitamins in it but really you would be much better off taking a Prenatal multivitamin for your Iron and vitamin supplement.

    It is not considered safe for pregnant women to drink alcohol these days.

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    Guiness or stout is good for pregnant ladies as long as you dont go over board. I used to have a bottle of stout everynight, because it is a good source of iron.. I cant stand the stuff now.

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