Dyson blowing things around?

My husband emptied the Dyson a couple of weeks ago. Since then, when you vacuum, there is air coming out of the front from somewhere which blows the dust around, rather than sucking it up. Makes vacuuming very difficult as everything you want to vacuum up gets blown away when the Dyson comes near it. Hubby swears he didn't do anything other than empty it. Help!

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    1 decade ago
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    Is it the new 4900 KLR model? This represents the latest cleaning theories. No dust bag to dispose of and no sucking at all, it just moves the dust around. It takes approximately 10 hours to really settle again so disturb it every day.

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    1 decade ago

    Is the cup attached properly? Call their customer service because there should be no reason for strong air blowing out. I know if I empty my dirt cup, my vacuum sucks things up stronger, and sometimes it blows things away from all of the "exhaust". Could it be since he emptied the dirt cup that it's working more efficient? I still say give Dyson a call. They're supposed to work for life, aren't they?

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