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DOG INTERNAL MED. EXPERT OPINION -last chance to save my dog. i have been to a vet and they are out of ideas?

My dog Chewy (9 yr old Jack Russell) 5-weeks ago could easily run 4 miles with no problem. the past few weeks he has been deteriorating. they did blood, urine, chest radiology, bile acid, sonogram, etc.. and everything came back normal. he was on Amoxycilin and now Metronidazole and neither seemed to work. endoscopy/colonoscopy are the last tests left. he is totally lethargic, stopped eating, shaking, constipation, stiff hind legs, diarrhea, and totally weak. the vets have basically told me that i did all i could and that we just need to keep him hydrated and eating (he eats a little when i hand feed him and we have some IVs to hydrate him). the only thing they found with the sonogram was a thickened stomach/colon wall & they have NO diagnosis.

what else can i do and what could possibly be the problem with him. if it is cancer i can understand that and i will lose him, but if it is something curable and i don't do anything - i could never forgive myself.


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    ~ sounds like Lyme diese get another opion fast.

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    Wow. I wish I knew exactly what it was so I could help. You really are trying so hard for your buddy. All I can suggest is try another vet. These vets seem very good, but sometimes another fresh mind can see something others haven't. I had a horse once who got a case of what *seemed* to be strangles, but really was not. We tubed him to see if there was a blockage..nothing. X-rays..nothing. All kinds of tests (MRI and such not available back then), no idea. We were on the verge of putting him down because everything he ate came back up out of his nose, when another vet was tried. He tubed him again, and BINGO! The horse was fine. Weird, but you never know. Best of luck to you all.

    Source(s): Rescuer, vet tech, groomer and show exhibitor of Shetland sheepdogs for 20 years
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    hummm whats his Potassium & Sodium? How did his adrenals look on the sonogram? anyone do an ACTH? possibllity this could be Addisons disease.

    the thickened colon sounds more like IBD but the symptoms are not 100% right....

    the tick borne disease idea is not so bad an idea too

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    Has he been test for tick diseases? Patricularly erlichia(spelled wrong i know) Tetracycline is the antibiotic of choice for this. Also if his lymph nodes are swollen did they x ray his lungs or test him for blasto??? Sporonox is the drug of choice here BUT it must be caught early to treat with success

    I would be seeking a second opinion quickly

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    Ask a Veterinarian Online - 12 Vets and Pet Experts Are Online. Ask a Question, Get an Answer ASAP.

    I sure hope this works for you.

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    Have they ruled out autoimmune haemalytic anemia? Chewy is about the same age my dog was when she contracted the disease. It is a very insiduous disease and hard to diagnose, but more common than you'd believe.

    The link below is a very good article on it.

  • How many vets have you tried?

    Try 2 or 3 more. They might get an idea.

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    Any chance that his intestinal track has become twisted or pinched?

    Perhaps it's just his time. If he is suffering put him down.

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    Have they checked for tick-borne diseases?

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    Lyme's disease

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