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losing my faith in God?

So i am a 17 years old and have grown up in a extremely religious house hold. In fact my dad is a pastor and was also once a youth pastor for about 8 years. I have become more open minded and I feel that I am now more liberal politically than conservative. My real issue with the bible is that I feel that women are more of an object and were only created for men, almost like a servant to them. Despite the fact that God says he loves me, I still feel like I am here to pleasure men...almost pointless except to serve men. I have an intense fear on relying on men (and becoming one of those uptight christion moms...ew...) I plan on moving out once I turn 18, go to school and become a doctor. I dont have a problem with men, and I hope to be married some day. But in God's eyes, I feel since I a woman, I am instantly under men. I refuse being "submissive" to a man. Im losing faith in God.

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    You don't need to lose your faith in God if you don't want to. Just maybe be a bit more individual about your spirituality, rather than being part of an organised (and dated) religion!

    Saying that, I am an atheist, and if you are ok with living without the belief in God, that's fine too. You can still be happy :D I know I am.

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    Oh boy, if only people paid attention to the scriptures, they'd see HOW Jesus NEVER EVER berated a woman, belittled them! Come on, the guy was contesting every abusive law of the religious authorities of his time. Do you really think that God intended for women to be ad vitam aeternam mistreated and humiliated by men? The same God who put a sign on Cain so that he won't be killed, even after he cursed him for killing his brother? God loves and treats every one equally.

    I had my issues with that whole "being submissive to your husband" part, especially having brought up in a culture where men treat women like pieces of **** and women allow them to do so because they were told that it's their role to be "subservient", oops, "submissive." However, St Paul said that both Christians, BOTH MEN AND WOMEN, have to be submissive to each other. So, I guess, you see where I am going with that. He also said that men were the head of the household (I won't even start with the cultural historical context here) JUST LIKE Jesus was the head of the church. Did Jesus see to be a despot to you? The guy who washed his disciples' feet and sometimes cooked for them? The good shepherd who is ready to move everything to find one lost sheep? That's what people, LOTS OF MEN DO NOT GET: being the chief means HAVING TONS OF RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS towards the people who are under you. You owe them not the way around. They'll be submissive to you because they know you will protect them WITHOUT abusing your power and that you're ACCOUNTABLE of the charge given to you. So DO NOT LOSE FAITH IN GOD because human beings had the audacity to pervert his words and commandments for their own benefits. God's a feminist: he wants men and women to have the same rights.

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    Maybe what religion didn't teach you is that God is male AND female. Equal partners. One cannot exist without the other. Life depends upon the existence and interaction of both. As a hedge witch, the Goddess is very important to me. You are servant to no man. Research how it was that the early Christian church came into being and what was done to stamp out the old religion which was nature based and matriarchal.

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    It is understandable how you can feel like you're losing your faith.

    In one way, you are. But we all have gone through that.

    Being a minister, pastor, former youth pastor, etc. I would venture to say that you are absolutely being influenced by others and certainly mainstream thought.

    Realize also, that many youth grow up under heavy-handed, strict households and even churches, with the normal tendency to desire to "spread their wings" and fly outa there! And in doing so, many times flip the complete opposite way.

    What you have to come to mature grips with, is not the church or your faith so much as the bible, the word of God.

    Irregardless if political or church viewpoints say this or that, it is up to you to "search out a matter".

    Re: your perspective on how women were/are treated in the bible and in church environment, there is more than meets the eye.

    The way that God intended for the role of men and women was never a "lesser important" role. Understand that God did appoint men as leaders, but women are not slaves and servants, the same way African American was never created as sub-servants to anyone. All people are free and equal. It is a matter of understanding "roles".

    This is where it gets dangerous for you. Role reversal. Women-founded, independent-minded, agendas do not serve as a God-approved or God-given agenda.

    Study more deep and read more of the history of women both in bible times and 20th century times and be amazed at the amount of accomplishments both women and men have done.

    Don't get bent out of shape by ignorant people acting less then Christian. You BE a Christian.!

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    Question your religion, but keep faith in God.

    I have a hard time believing the Bible has not been edited to serve agenda's. With the duality of goof and evil, I don't see how the Bible couldn't be tainted with some degrees of deception either.

    Also, I tend to believe that women are very powerful beings. You know as well as I do that a woman has the power to make a man submit to her. If anything, the way the Bible defined women may have been a way to attain some sense of balance between the sexes. Men may physically be able to overpower us, but women are crafty, and we can ruin a man if inspired to do so.

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    I went through this when I was not much older than you. I agree with you.

    Something for you to consider: you might not be losing faith in God, but in the Bible. Personally, I'm an agnostic theist, but I do NOT believe hat a God that gave me intelligence also forbade me to use it.

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    Aye its called growing up and stepping away from your Mums apron strings, there contest cynical indoctrination and poisoning of your mind.

    Your beef with the Bible is spot on, Woman are treated in some awe-full ways in the disgusting book, you are 18 soon, you are at a age where your parents can no longer influence your thinking, live your life how you see fit and good-luck.

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    I'm sorry to burst your bubble but that is a poor excuse to lose faith in God. Just because you think, or it seems like you have to be an "Uptight Christian Mom". N-Ewayz,that is not the case. You say that you know Jesus loves you but you must not really think so. There are examples all through out the Bible that women have been used mightly by God. A prime example of this would be Mary,the mother of Jesus. In order for Christ to come in the world god had to use an earthen vessel. He also wanted a vessel that was pure and he chose Mary. She was blessed with the distinct honor of bringing Christ into the world. God did not put her on this earth just to please men. God did not put you, me or any other woman on this earth just to please men. God has a divine purpose for every human being. Let's take Eve for an example. When Gos created Eve he did not take her out of Adam's foot(signifing how lowly she was), neither did he take her from his head (signifing that she was over him). God took her from his side.His rib bone. What part of the body does the ribs protect? The ribs protect the heart and the lungs. God took us from Adam's side to let us know that we are important to men and that they need us. Not that we are sexual objects. Don't let silly things like that affect your relationship with God. You are important to God. In Genesis when God created the earth and everything in it he noticed that everything had a partner(MALE AND FEMALE) except Adam. It says in the bible that God said it was not good for man to be alone.So he put Adam sleep and took the rib from his side and made woman and she was flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone.God created Eve to be a help meet for Adam. In other words she was Adams completer. Don't give up on God. He has too many great things in store for your life. Women are just as important to God as men are. Like I said before, throughout the entire Bible God has used women mightily. Esther is another example,because of her, the entire Hebrew race was saved. Or what about Rahab the harlot? Because she helped the two spies fromthe Israelite camp she was blessed with the priviliege of being in the lineage of Jesus Christ. Or what about Debra? She was used as a prophet to the people in Israel. Or what about the Samaritan woman at the well? She was an adulterous woman,she had five husbands. But you know what, she met Jesus and realized that she was more than just an object. She also realized that she was loved by God and did not need a man to complete her. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MEN AT ALL.You just need to know one is a whole number. In other words be happy with you. Okay I'm done answering the question. Sorry about how long it is okay. One more thing read your bible and you will see that God really does love you and that he made you for a special purpose. Okay I'm really done this time

    Source(s): The word of God and my personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
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    Seems like you should be praying about these issues. It is true that God has placed men as the spiritual leaders over their families, and said that women should be submissive to their husbands. I feel that the man of the house will be held accountable for the spiritual well being of his family. But the bible also says for the man to love his wife as himself. They are to be one flesh. I don't think that it would be wise to lose your faith in God over this issue. It really shouldn't be that divisive a topic, in fact the church should unite as children of God and worship Him as He deserves. As for faith, God has given each of us a measure of faith, and will grant to us more faith if we ask Him. Rather than applying politics and a liberal mind to your relationship with God, seek Him in prayer. Cry out to Him with your whole heart and I'm sure you will find Him to be the same Father to you that He has always been. He changes not...It is us who change. Good luck and God bless!

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    I used to struggle with this because I never never knew a guy who I could feel safe being submissive to. Then I met my husband. You must realize that as a woman you are inferior to men as far as head of household and leadership. That does NOT mean that you're less precious in the eyes of Christ. Imagine if you played pro football and you were the blocker, but wanted to be the quarterback. If you did not block the quarterback would be sacked and injured.

    Please know that your place as a woman IS just as important, and you're of EQUAL worth in God's eyes. As a woman we have to love and support with a gentle and quiet spirit those men who lead us. Because otherwise, like a quarterback with out a blocker, the men we love would have no support.

    I work at a medical school, so I pray that you'd be the very best doctor you can be as a ministry to Christ.

    May God be with you and work on your heart.

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