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dropped my cell phone in water?

i fell into my friends pool today with my cellphone. do you think i could fix it if i just let it airdry? my friend said he dropped his in the toilet and his is fine and mine will be fine. do you think my phone will be fixed if i let it airdry?

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    Take the battery out and allow it to dry out good. And good luck to you.

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    First thing to do, and I hope it's not too late, is remove the battery. Next, if there is a SIM card, remove that as well and towel dry it. I'm not so sure about this, but I read on a few sites that placing the phone on a TV set near the vent will dry it the best, the low heat supposedly gently dries your cell phone. There were a few other weird ways, but try that if you want. If not, just leave it open on a towel and obviously soak up any of the water you can at first. It takes a few days to dry. Do not put the battery back in until you are sure it is dry. Good luck!

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    First of all, if this ever happens again, immediately get it out of the water and remove the battery and do not put it back until the phone is dry. If you run current through the phone after it's wet, you're more likely to fry the phone. I know it's hard to resist the temptation to see if your phone will power on after its gotten wet, but its best to turn it on only after its dry. With that being said, take the phone apart as much as possible, meaning take the battery out of the phone, remove the back door (if applicable) and dry the phone off with a towel. Then put all of the parts in a zip-top bag with dry rice in it. The dry rice will help pull the moisture out of the phone. Leave it in the bag a couple of days. Reassemble the phone and try to power it on. I hate to say it, but most likely your phone won't function properly, but hopefully you'll be able to get it to power up so you can get the phone numbers out. I have been fixing cell phones for a long time and typically when they start constantly vibrating and don't power on all the way (won't go to the main screen) they are goners. If you have a good third-party dealer that has a tech on staff and see if they will clean the phone out. Corporate stores typically will not do this for you because of the liability, but third party dealers don't have the same strict guidelines to follow.

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    Once the phone dries out, it is usually okay for the short term. What ends up happening down the road is evidence of damage through corrosion of the metal parts and your phone will start to malfunction, leaving you with a dud.

    Be warned that manufacturers of most modern cell phones place liquid damage indicator stickers that will change colors in the presence of a liquid inside their phones. This helps technicians know that you have dropped your phone in water, as most cell phone insurance coverage policies don't cover water damage. Chances are, if the sticker under the battery is triggered, then the internal stickers you can't access have probably been tripped as well. This will result in you paying a voided-warranty fee in the long run. You should be aware that warranties don't cover water damage, only insurance does, and even then, not all insurance companies or plans will honor water damaged phones. It is also worth noting that these liquid damage indicator stickers have been known to change colors in extreme humidity as well.

    Start looking for a new phone if you can afford to.

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    Get a bowl of dried rice and remove the battery to your phone while leaving it off. Submerge your phone and battery in the dry rice for two or three days in a warm window, until you can no longer see any condensation in the window panes of the phone. Put the battery back in, turn it on. It should work.


    I dropped mine in the commode in April, did this and it still works like a champ.

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    let it dry out for about 2 or 3 days. It should be fine!

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    mine got screwed up. an idea that might help yours work though is set it in the bottom rack of your oven overnight (battery out) then put the battery back and try to turn it on again.

    dont turn the oven on of course . the pilot lights the part that helps the phone.

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    Here's what you gotta do- works every time- get a large bowl of whit rice put your phone in it- the rice absorbs the water out of the phone, Let it sit overnight and check it in the morning

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    Don't turn it on, keep it off.

    I used a hair dryer on cold for mine once and

    it came back to life.

    I've dropped mine in sinks, had it get wet in rain several times, and spilled water on it in my back pack.

    If you turn it on prematurely, it shorts out and dies.

    You might try keeping it off for a day or so and trying to turn it on after you think the water is gone.

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    It could go either way, all you can do is try. Pull it apart-the battery and sim card out and put a fan on it. Wait a day or so and check it out. You could be one of the lucky people.

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    yeah let it dry for a while but if you ever have bigger problems with it then you will have to end up buying a new phone because the cell phone co wont replaced water damaged phones...

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