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Dying bleached blonde hair back to natural red head!?

Hi peeps im new to here and I just wonered if I could have your help regarding dying my hair.

I naturally have ginger hair but have been having it bleached at the hair dressers for the passed 3 years. I get the roots touched up every 6 weeks. I only have a t section done on my head so underneath my natural colour is still present.

I now have decided I fancy a change and am considering going back to a red head. Ive read that this can be difficult as colour does not stick very well to bleach and washes out. Im thinking of having a couple of different shades or red in (my natural ginger and maybe a darker or lighter tone) to make it look nicer.

I am worried though as alot of answers say that the hair goes pink, and ive got my graduation comming up in september so dont wanna look stupid in the photos :) Would it be more advisable to go to a light brown copper shade rather than red? I wouldnt do it myself but it worries me that its gonna ruin my hair Any advise would be great :)

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    it would most likely turn pink or orange

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    I did this recently--we used some darker auburn lowlights, auburn/red on most of the color, and still left a bit of the blond highlights--it turned out great, and really natural looking. Redheads often have several different colors of red. You're right to be careful--my long-time stylist decided she knew what she was doing, and turned me into an electric raspberry color that got me stared at (but I found a new colorist and I love her work). I haven't noticed much fading (and red can fade on the way home from the salon!) and I havent been tempted to recolor it myself.

    Be sure to go through the color sample book w/your stylist and select 2 or 3 colors that are pretty similar, and keep some sort of highlight: I noticed after being blonde for a while that just a plain auburn needed some "oomph". Shades pretty close to your own brow color will mean you won't have to color those. If you're REALLY worried about going pink, have them do a test color around the nape of your neck so if you're a train wreck, it won't show (wish I'd done that). Good luck--I think you will look great this fall!!

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    Light copper brown would definitely be easier to take care of. You could also get it dyed a day or so before your graduation.

    Or, you could get a few different shades of semi permanent punk colours in the reds and oranges. Wine red looks gorgeous, and somewhat natural, and stays in for a long time. You could maybe try blending an orange and a deep red colour together?

  • 1 decade ago naturally your a red head...

    If you were wanting to go back to that shade, in all honestly,your have to get a hairdresser to do it for you, before they tint your hair to a reddish,copper shade, they would have to pre-fill the hair with (what we call a red filler) first...

    Because when you bleach the hair, you remove the natural colour pigment,meaning, your hair shaft is empty and if you were to apply a colour over your bleached hair, the colour pigments ( in the tint ) would not last, they would wash out, or yeah turn to a pinkie before colouring your hair, applying red filler will help the tint's colour pigments have something to grab too, to make your colour last longer...

    I think it would turn out fine, if you got it done properly.

    I hope this all made sence,its kind of hard explainnin it in writing.

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    with passed exerience.. sometimes with bleeched hair colors dont turn out how you want them.. you might get a more yellow look with brown and with a permeneant hair color i dont think red will go pink.. go to a salon and ask them.. but not like a beauty school.

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    I actually have blonde hair and I really like it! I love it because it's what looks best on me.

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