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Why can't I download anything?

I use the lastest version of internet explorer with windows vista. Lately it will not allow me to download anything from the web. After a download has completed I can not go to "Open" or "Open Folder" as they are greyed out. I have tried using "Save as" and "Run" when downloading but neither works, I just get a chime and the prompt box closes. I have tried empting the cashe, deleting history, deleting temp internet files, fixing my registry, deleting browsing history, checking for spyware, scanning my cpu for viruses, and reseting my internet explorer back to factory settings. Nothing seems to work!

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    1 decade ago
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    (1) are u the administrator? if not then you can try logging into the administrator account and changing the settings to let you download and save things.

    (2) your firewall might be too secure so u can go to the control panel and figure out what's wrong with it.

    (3) your internet explorer might be messed up too so u can try getting mozilla firefox IF u figured out how to fix the downloading problem.

    (4) if none of them ^ is the problem then i suggest reformatting your computer or calling your computer manufacturer. to get the number just go to best buys to geek squad and ask them for your computer manufacturer's number and they will hand u a sheet having all the numbers. when you call them you can tell them your problem and they can TRY helping you out. while calling them i suggest to backup your files because if none of their steps work then their last choice would be to reformat or recover your hardrive.

    hope this helps :D

    Source(s): something similar happened to my computer
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    I don't really know your problem but your computer could be infested with a virus or a spyware. Check your computers with free online scanners. The urls are below. Also be sure that your antivirus is always updated and running normally.

    Good luck!

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    you could try fixing the current firewall settings and changing them to allow downloads or u should switch from i.e to safari or firefox i reccomend u switch beacuse i.e is not very good at all....other than that it has to be the firewall settings...

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